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The FDA monitors reports of adverse events and other problems with medical devices and alerts health professionals and the public when needed to ensure proper use of devices and the health and safety of patients. The lists below contain our most recent information. Other safety communications can be found using the links on the left side of this page. For additional information, contact us at:  1-800-638-2041 or DICE@fda.hhs.gov.

Recent Medical Device Safety Communications

The FDA's analyses and recommendations for patients and health care providers about ongoing medical device safety issues.

FDA Safety Communication Date
Mammography Problems at Allison Breast Center at Monument Radiology in Richmond, Virginia: FDA Safety Communication 09/25/20
Recommendations About the Use of Dental Amalgam in Certain High-Risk Populations: FDA Safety Communication 09/24/20
FDA Reminds Users about the Importance of Following Instructions for the Cold-Therapy Mode of Water-Circulating Hot/Cold Therapy Devices: FDA Safety Communication 09/09/20
Risk of loss of coordination during water-related activities in Parkinson’s Patients with Deep Brain Stimulators: FDA Safety Communication 07/30/20
FDA Reminds Owners and Operators About Repair and Maintenance of Tanning Beds and Booths: FDA Safety Communication 07/22/20
SweynTooth Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities May Affect Certain Medical Devices: FDA Safety Communication 03/03/20
Potential Risks Associated With The Use of Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) Light Products for Cleaning CPAP Machines and Accessories: FDA Safety Communication 02/27/20
UPDATE: Reduce the Risk of Cardiac Surgery Infection While Using the LivaNova Heater-Cooler System 3T: FDA Safety Communication 02/25/20
UPDATE: The FDA recommends performing contained morcellation in women when laparoscopic power morcellation is appropriate 02/25/20
Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Certain GE Healthcare Clinical Information Central Stations and Telemetry Servers: Safety Communication 01/23/20
UPDATE: The FDA Warns that Biotin May Interfere with Lab Tests: FDA Safety Communication 11/05/19
Update on Risk of Type III Endoleaks with Use of Endologix AFX Endovascular AAA Graft Systems: FDA Safety Communication 10/28/19
URGENT/11 Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in a Widely-Used Third-Party Software Component May Introduce Risks During Use of Certain Medical Devices: FDA Safety Communication 10/01/19
The FDA is Recommending Transition to Duodenoscopes with Innovative Designs to Enhance Safety: FDA Safety Communication 08/29/19
The FDA Requests Allergan Voluntarily Recall Natrelle BIOCELL Textured Breast Implants and Tissue Expanders from the Market to Protect Patients: FDA Safety Communication 07/24/19
Certain Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pumps Have Potential Cybersecurity Risks: FDA Safety Communication 07/01/19
FDA Warns People with Diabetes and Health Care Providers Against the Use of Devices for Diabetes Management Not Authorized for Sale in the United States: FDA Safety Communication 05/17/19
FDA Alerts Providers and Patients to Check for Premature Battery Depletion in Certain Medtronic Pacemakers: FDA Safety Communication 05/07/19
Mammography Problems at East Palestine Family Medical Clinic in East Palestine, Ohio: FDA Safety Communication 04/26/19


Recent Letters to Health Care Providers

Information for health care providers about the safe use of medical devices in medical facilities.

Device Name Date
Potential Risk of Infection during Cardiac Surgery When Using the CardioQuip Modular Cooler-Heater Device – Letter to Health Care Providers 09/30/20
Conduct a Trial Stimulation Period Before Implanting a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) - Letter to Health Care Providers 09/03/20
Stop Using Gowns, including Surgical Gowns, from Laws of Motion PPE - Letter to Health Care Providers 08/28/20
Protective Barrier Enclosures Without Negative Pressure Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic May Increase Risk to Patients and Health Care Providers - Letter to Health Care Providers 08/20/20
Risk of Inaccurate Results with Thermo Fisher Scientific TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kit - Letter to Clinical Laboratory Staff and Health Care Providers 08/17/20
False Positive Results with BD SARS-CoV-2 Reagents for the BD Max System - Letter to Clinical Laboratory Staff and Health Care Providers 07/06/20
Certain COVID-19 Serology/Antibody Tests Should Not Be Used - Letter to Clinical Laboratory Staff and Health Care Providers 06/19/20
Transport Media Safety Risk - Use Compatible Transport Media with SARS-CoV-2 Tests that Use Bleach - Letter to Clinical Laboratory Staff and Health Care Providers 06/04/20
Use the Correct Cycle and Compatible N95 Respirators When Decontaminating Respirators with STERRAD Sterilization Systems - Letter to Health Care Providers 05/27/20
Risk of Misinterpreting Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Colors for Vapor Sterilization: Letter to Health Care Providers 05/07/20
Ventilator Supply Mitigation Strategies - Letter to Health Care Providers 03/22/20
Medical Glove Conservation Strategies - Letter to Health Care Providers 03/20/20
Surgical Mask and Gown Conservation Strategies - Letter to Healthcare Providers 03/11/20
Update On Device Failure Associated with Getinge's Maquet/Datascope Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps - Letter to Health Care Providers 11/19/19
August 7, 2019 UPDATE: Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease with Paclitaxel-Coated Balloons and Paclitaxel-Eluting Stents Potentially Associated with Increased Mortality 08/07/19
Programmable CSF Shunts and Magnetic Field Interference with Implanted Hearing Devices - Letter to Health Care Providers 07/16/19
UPDATE On Risk of Cross-Contamination From 24-Hour Multi-Patient Use Endoscope Connectors - Letter to Health Care Providers and Staff at Health Care Facilities Performing Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Procedures 05/23/19
UPDATE: Latest Interim post-approval study (PAS) Results Are Available for the Abiomed Impella RP System (Updated July 6, 2020) 05/21/19


Recent Medical Device Recalls

Medical device recalls that may potentially present significant risks to consumers or users of the product.

Device Name Date
Becton Dickinson CareFusion 303, Inc. Recalls Alaris™ System Pump Module and Pump Module Door Assembly Replacement Kits Due to the Potential for Stuck or Unresponsive Keys 10/02/20
Becton Dickinson (BD) CareFusion 303 Inc. Recalls Alaris™ Syringe and Alaris™ PCA Modules Due to Potential Incorrect Display of Syringe Types and/or Sizes 09/16/20
Becton Dickinson (BD) CareFusion 303 Recalls Alaris System Infusion Pumps Due to Damaged Inter-Unit Interface Connectors, Loose or Missing Battery Screws and A Broken Upper and Lower Hinge Posts and Membrane Frame 09/14/20
Becton Dickinson (BD) CareFusion 303, Inc. Recalls Alaris™ System PC Unit and PC Unit Front Case Keypad Replacement Kits Due to Risk of Stuck or Unresponsive Keys 09/14/20
Smiths Medical Recalls Medfusion 3500 and 4000 Syringe Pumps Due to Risk of Medication Delivery Error 08/24/20
CME America Updates Recall of BodyGuard Infusion Pump System Due to Risk of Over-, and Under-infusion 08/05/20
Verathon, Inc. Recalls GlideScope Core One TouchSmart Cable (“OneTouch cable”), Due to partial or complete loss of image during use 07/17/20
Arrow International Inc. Recalls Arrow AutoCAT®2 and AC3 Optimus® IABP Series Due to Possible Breakdown of Motor Connector Wires 07/02/20
Endologix Inc. Recalls Ovation iX Abdominal Stent Graft Systems Due to Risks of Polymer Leaks During Implantation 06/16/20
Medtronic recalls StealthStation auto-registration feature due to inaccuracies during deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedures 06/01/20
Medtronic Recalls HeartWare HVAD Pump Outflow Graft and Outflow Graft Strain Relief Due to Risk of Breaks and Tears During Set Up 05/28/20
Vascular Solutions, Inc. Recalls Langston Dual Lumen Catheter Due to Risk of Separation During Use 04/30/20
LeMaitre Vascular Inc. Recalls LeMaitre Over the Wire Embolectomy Catheter Due to Balloon Deflation and Separation Issue 04/02/20
CME America Recalls BodyGuard Infusion Pump System Due to Risk of Over-, and Under-infusion 03/30/20
Medtronic Recalls Pipeline Flex Embolization Devices Due to Risk of Device Fracture 03/30/20
CME America Recalls BodyGuard Microset Infusion Sets for the BodyGuard Infusion Pump System Due to Risk of Under-Infusion 03/18/20
Becton Dickinson (BD) CareFusion 303 Inc. Recalls Alaris System Infusion Pumps Due to Software and System Errors 03/06/20
King Systems Recalls King Vision Video Laryngoscope Adapter Size ½ Due to a Display of The Reversed Image 02/27/20
Tytek Medical Recalls TM-317 PneumoDart-Pneumothorax Needle Due to Fully and Partially Blocked Needles 02/25/20
Abbott Vascular Recalls NC Trek RX and NC Traveler RX Coronary Dilatation Catheters Due to Failure of Balloon (diameter 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.00mm) to Deflate 02/19/20
Teleflex Medical Recalls Comfort Flo Humidification Systems Due to Malfunction That May Cause Water to Enter Airway 02/19/20
ResMed Recalls Stellar 100 and 150 Non-invasive and Invasive Ventilators Due to Sound Alarm Failure 02/19/20
Medtronic Recalls MiniMed Insulin Pumps for Incorrect Insulin Dosing 02/12/20
GE Healthcare Recalls Carestation 600 Series Anesthesia Systems Due to Loss of Mechanical Ventilation 02/07/20
GE Healthcare Recalls CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules Due to Incorrect Oxygen Values 02/04/20
Distributor Teleflex Recalls the Galemed Babi.Plus Pressure Relief Manifolds Due to Dislodged Valve 01/28/20


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