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Educational Webinar Materials

Educational Webinar Materials

This page provides resource materials about device safety for healthcare providers and patients.

Educational Webinars

The following educational webinars were created for MedSun-participating hospitals and have been formatted for general use. Please note that in addition to transcripts, some webinars also offer audio or presentation slides. Webinars are organized by clinical area for healthcare provider use.

For All Healthcare Providers:

Webinar TitleTranscriptA/VSlidesDate
Building Relationships Between Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Staff to Improve Medical Device Safety and Event ReportingTranscriptAudioSlides7/25/2013
MedSun Reporting by Biomedical and Clinical Engineers: Sites' Safety Stories and SuccessesTranscriptAudioSlides7/24/2012
Practical Advice for Preventing Surgical Fires: Safety Strategies from the Front LinesTranscriptAudioSlides6/12/2012
Human Factors: Tools and Tips for Clinical Engineers and Medical Device UsersTranscriptAudio 3/13/2009
Luer Connector Misconnections: Under-Recognized but Potentially Dangerous EventsTranscript  11/19/2008
Current Issues in Medical Telemetry and Wireless ConnectivityTranscript  5/24/2006
Batteries in Medical Devices - Technologies, Use and MaintenanceTranscript  12/13/2005
Cybersecurity of Medical DevicesTranscript  4/12/2005

For Pediatric Healthcare Providers:

Webinar TitleTranscriptA/VSlidesDate
The Role of Human Factors with Medical Device Use in Neonatal and Pediatric PatientsTranscriptVideoSlides9/27/2012
Phototherapy and Cooling Therapy Device Safety in Neonatal PatientsTranscriptAudio 11/22/2011
PICC and Umbilical Catheter Safety in Neonatal PatientsTranscriptAudioSlides10/28/2010
Peripheral IV and PICC Safety in Pediatric and Neonatal PatientsTranscriptAudioSlides11/18/2009
MedSun KidNet Roundtable DiscussionTranscript Slides5/15/2008
MedSun KidNet Roundtable DiscussionTranscript Slides10/15/2007

For Homecare Providers:

Webinar TitleTranscriptA/VSlidesDate
Improving Patient Safety by Reporting Problems with Medical Devices Used in the HomeTranscriptAudioSlides12/9/2009

For Eye Care Professionals:

Webinar TitleTranscriptA/VSlidesDate
Medical Device Event Reporting in Ophthalmic SettingsTranscriptAudio 12/9/2009

For Laboratorians:

Webinar TitleTranscriptA/VSlidesDate
The Practice of Laboratory Medicine in the Twenty First Century – Achieving Relevance in a Tidal Wave of ChangeTranscript Slides4/30/2008

Other FDA Resources for Healthcare Providers and Patients