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Conversations with Experts on Food Topics

Question & Answer series with key leaders and experts at FDA on a variety of popular topics

Q&A Series with FDA Experts

Steps the Agency is Taking to Address Unsafe Levels of Lead Found in Cinnamon
A Conversation with Conrad Choiniere, Ph.D.

FDA Works to Enhance the Assessment of Ingredients in Foods and Food Contact Substances on the Market
A Conversation with Kristi Muldoon-Jacobs

FDA's International Collaboration on Food Safety is a Top Priority
A Conversation with Julie Moss, Eric Stevens, and Kelly McCormick 

FDA Commemorates 30 Years of the FDA Food Code to Enhance Safe Handling of Food in a Retail Setting
A Conversation with Glenda Lewis & Andre Pierce

FDA Works to Protect Consumers from Foodborne Illness and other Adverse Events
A Conversation with Stic Harris, Conrad Choiniere, and Michael Rogers 

FDA’s Cyclospora Task Force Continues Efforts
A Conversation with Samir Assar, Socrates Trujillo, and Alexandre (Alex) da Silva

Enhancing the Safety of Imported Shrimp Through Regulatory Partnerships
A Conversation with Steven Bloodgood and Fazila Shakir

The Current Food Allergen Landscape
A Conversation with Dr. Stefano Luccioli

FDA’s Perspective on Food Safety and Availability During and Beyond COVID-19
A Conversation with Frank Yiannas

Is Using Your Smartphone or Tablet in the Kitchen a Food Safety Hazard?
A Conversation with Amy Lando and Michael Bazaco

New Testing Method Developed by FDA Detects Cyclospora in Salad Mix
A Conversation with Alexandre da Silva and Helen Murphy

Deputy Commissioner Champions More Digital, Transparent Food Safety System
A Conversation with Frank Yiannas

What FDA is Doing to Protect Consumers from Toxic Metals in Foods
A Conversation with Conrad Choiniere

CORE Director Focuses on Building Relationships to Strengthen Outbreak Response, Public Safety
A Conversation with Stic Harris

Q&A Series with FDA Experts

CFSAN’s Senior Science Advisor Aims to Build Bridges to Advance Produce Safety
A Conversation with Jim Gorny

What to Expect Now That Larger Farms Must Comply with the FSMA Produce Safety Rule
A Conversation with Samir Assar

Outlining the Benefits of the Voluntary Qualified Importer Program
A Conversation with Doriliz De Leon and Amelia Tetterton

Protecting the Food Supply from Intentional Adulteration, such as Acts of Terrorism
A Conversation with Ryan Newkirk and Jon Woody

Three Years Later, What is the Impact of the Gluten-Free Labeling Standard?
A Conversation with Carol D'Lima and Alessio Fasano

What to Expect With the Next Compliance Dates for the FSMA Preventive Controls for Animal Foods Rule
A Conversation with Jenny Murphy

What Do Importers Need to Know About FSVP
A Conversation with Sharon Mayl

Taking a Modern, Integrated Approach to Advancing the Safety of Imported Food
A Conversation with Donald Prater

Sharing Whole Genome Sequencing with the World
A Conversation with Eric Brown and Marc Allard

The Produce Safety Network: Supporting Regulators and Growers Across the Country
A Conversation with Stephen Hughes, MS, and Brittany Laymon, MS

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