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  1. NCTR Research Offices and Divisions

NCTR Division of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Also referred to as: DBB

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Division Director: Weida Tong, Ph.D.

Artificial Intelligence for Regulatory Science Research

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About the Division

The Division of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics develops integrated bioinformatics and biostatistics capability to address increasing needs of FDA, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), drug safety, drug repositioning, biomarker development, precision medicine, genomics, rare diseases, endocrine disruptors, and risk assessment. Additionally, the division provides support of NCTR’s 1) IT infrastructure, 2) bioinformatics support by analyzing data, managing commercial and in-house software tools, and conducting training sessions, and 3) research and scientific outreach.  

Branches Within the Division

Dr. Weida Tong

NCTR Bioinformatics Tools

2020 Select Accomplishments

  • Breakthrough Therapy Designation (BTD) system
  • Text mining study of Office of New Drugs (OND) regulatory documents (Meeting Minutes)
  • Conducted studies under the ongoing project called Sequencing Quality Control Phase 2 (SEQC2); an NCTR-led consortium effort to assess technical performance and application of emerging technologies for safety evaluation and clinical application. Papers about studies in the following areas are scheduled for submission in 2020:
    • Cancer genomics using whole-genome sequencing
    • Cancer genomics using target-gene sequencing
    • Reproducibility of whole-genome sequencing
    • Epigenomics
  • DILIst, using data from the NCTR-developed Liver Toxicity Knowledge Base, classified about 1,300 drugs known to cause human drug-induced liver injury (DILI)
  • Led a CAMDA (Critical Assessment of Massive Data Analysis – platform to evaluate big data analytics using a crowdsourcing challenge mechanism) Challenge for artificial intelligence/machine learning to predict DILI with genomics data

Select Projects with Other Centers in 2020

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Contact Us

Contact Point
NCTR Bioinformatics Support
National Center for Toxicological Research
Food and Drug Administration
3900 NCTR Rd
Jefferson, AR 72079
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