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Non-Profit MOUs

MOU No.PurposePartiesFDA Lead Center or Office ContactEffective DateExpiration Date
225-03-4000BFDA and NTEU agree to work together regarding mandatory foreign inspection assignments.National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU)ORA
Diana Kolaitis
(718) 662-5416
06-11-2003expires w/contract
225-04-4002FDA and BIG will work together to address issues affecting children, families, and communities within each organizations jurisdiction through educational campaigns-food safety.Blacks in Government (BIG)OC
LaJuana Caldwell
(301) 827-4450
225-09-0013Establishes a cooperative public education program between The Food and Drug Administration (FDA),Waterfront Media to provide consumers with better information and timely content concerning public health and safety topics, including emerging safety issues and product recalls.Waterfront MediaOC/OEA
Jason Brodsky
(301) 796-8234
225-10-0021Defines the framework in which the FDA will provide publicly available content to be used in health professional informational, educational, and training programs that will be run by WebMD LLC ("WebMD") and Medscape, LLC ("Medscape"), an entity accredited by ACCME, ANCC, and the ACPT to provide continuing professional education to physicians, nurses and pharmacists, respectively. Amended to extend expiration date.Medscape, LLC and WebMDOC/OEA
Anna Fine
(301) 796-8471
225-11-0013Establishes a framework between The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CHDI Foundation, Inc. (CHDI) to share interests in promoting scientific progress through exchange of scientific capital in Clinical Pharmacology Training and Research.CHDI FoundationCDER
Yanig Wang
(301) 796-1624
225-11-0014Establishes a cooperative public education program between The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The HealthCentral Network Inc. to extend the reach of FDA Consumer Health Information and provide consumers with better information and timely content concerning public health and safety topics, including emerging safety issues and product recalls.The Health Central NetworkOC/OEA
Jason Brodsky
(301) 796-8234
225-11-0017Defines the framework for collaboration between CDER and FDA and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. The purpose of the collaboration is to improve the safety of the American public when using CDER-regulated products. Amendment 1 to extend timeframe. Amendment 2 to clarify point of contact for conveyance of information.Institute for Safe Medication PracticesCDER
Cynthia Fitzpatrick
(301) 796-3115
225-11-0021Establishes a strategic framework for collaboration between FDA and the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) and outlines the process for collaborative sharing of public information between the FDA and the UMC for carrying out their common goal to improve the global safety and effective use of medicinal products.Uppsala Monitoring CentreCDER
Gerald Dal Pan
(301) 796-2380
225-11-0023Establishes the cooperative efforts between FDA and NABP to enhance enforcement of applicable statutes and regulations, including the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), 21 U.S.C. 301et seq., and its implementing regulations, and state statutes and regulations, to protect patients from
harm resulting from illegal domestic prescribing and dispensing of prescription drugs on the Internet.
National Association of Boards and PharmacyCDER
Ilisa Bernstein
225-11-0025Establishes terms to promote shared interests in various programs such as collaborative education and research.American College of GastroenterologyCDER
Donna Griebel
(301) 796-4153
225-11-0026FDA and the North American Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) collaborate to promote scientific progress through exchange of scientific capital in a Gastroenterology Drug Development Fellowship Training and Research Program.North American Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN)CDER
Donna J. Griebel, MD
(301) 796-4153
225-11-0029The FDA and MedStar Health collaborate to develop training programs for the FDA and potentially other government agencies, the healthcare products industry and healthcare professionals and users of medical products in the broad areas of medicine, health sciences, nursing, biomedical engineering, systems engineering, human factors, simulation and other product evaluation methods, patient safety, project management, business administration, and health policy.
MedStar HealthCDRH
Susan Meadows
(301) 796-6672
225-12-0006Establishes the terms for collaboration to promote shared interests, which can be pursued through a variety of programs including collaborative research, public outreach, extension activities, cooperative international initiatives, and disciplinary training.LifeScience AlleyCDRH
Michelle McMurry-Heath
(301) 796-7647
225-12-0008This document sets forth a framework for an alliance between the FDA and SOT. It is intended to describe their combined strengths, resources, and proximity for stimulating innovation in toxicity testing, regulatory science, ethics, and education and training.Society of Toxicology (SOT)Jesse Goodman, MD
(301) 796-4880
225-12-0014Defines the framework for collaboration between CDER of FDA and the Institute for Safe Medication PracticesInstitute for Safe Medication PracticesCDER
Gerald J. DalPan
(301) 796-2380
225-12-0016Establishes the terms for collaboration to promote shared interests between FDA and ImproveCareNowImproveCareNowCDER
Donna J. Griebel
(301) 796-4153
225-13-0021Establishes terms for collaboration to promote developing innovative health technologies that could benefit the public health.X Prize FoundationCDRH Murray Sheldon, MD (301) 796-544307-02-1304-31-2015
225-12-0025Collaborate and involve a consortium of various stakeholders including academic, research and clinical stakeholders, advocacy groups, industry, international partners, and others who may collaborate to advance regulatory science; and foster biomedical and biotechnology innovations, in personalized medicine, health information technology, data mining analytics, post-market safety surveillance, comparative safety and efficacy analysis, and international harmonization to support FDA's mission.The IV2 Alliance, Inc.OC
Walter Harris
225-12-0038Establishes the terms for collaboration to promote these shared interests education and research, and mutual exchange of training and research expertise in clinical pharmacology and translational science.American Society of NephrologyCDER
Patrick Archdeacon
(301) 796-3952
225-12-8000Promoting scientific progress through knowledge exchange of scientific capital in pharmacology and translational research.The Systems Biology InstituteCDER
Darrell Abernethy
( 301) 796-5008
225-83-3000Defines the working arrangements between FDA and USPC in regards to the review revisions to compendial requirements for drugs.U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc. (USPC)CDER
Diane Ehrlich
(301) 443-5373
225-84-2003To foster and improve the sanitation and quality of shellfish in the U.S.Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC)CFSAN
Donald Kraemer
(240) 402-2300
225-93-4006CFP and FDA agree to establish a working relationship to address issues on food safety in order to implement the recommendations adopted at Conference meetings.Conference for Food Protection (CFP)ORA
Diana Kolaitis
(718) 662-5416
225-93-7000Evaluating test kits for detecting animal drug residues in milkAOACCVM
Tracey Forfa
(240) 276-9006
225-13-0027Collaborate on developing new methods to evaluate the toxicity of substances regulated by the FDA; improving the pathway for the review and approval of regulated substances; facilitating the FDA’s engagement with scientists from academia, government and industry on regulatory science questions that impact drug development and safety prediction; sharing information that is in the public domain and considered non-confidential; and publicly disseminating scientific knowledge to help bring safe and effective products to market.ILSI Health and Evironmental Sciences InstituteCDER09-12-2013Indefinite
225-14-0006Establish framework for collaboration between FDA and Washington Adventist Hospital including collaborative research, public outreach, extension activities, training, and exchange of medical professionals and staff by the two organizations.Washington Adventist HospitalEileen Parish, M.D.
Office of the Chief Scientist
(301) 796-8522
225-14-012Collaborative health professional training, outreach, and research initiatives.American Nurses AssociationTeresa Rubio
(301) 796-5113
May 17, 2013Indefinite
225-14-0019Encouraging the identification, mitigation, and prevention of cybersecurity threats to medical devices.National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, Inc.Suzanne Schwartz, M.D., MBA
(301) 796-6937
August 26, 2014August 25, 2019
225-14-8000Promote awareness and understanding of gender medicine and science of sex-based differences.Karolinska InstitutetOWH
Helen J. Barr, MD
(301) 796-5713
225-14-023Promoting scientific progress, furthering public policy efforts, and translating innovation and discoveries into practice in the areas of medical and biological engineering.American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering AIMBECDRH
Anindita Saha (301) 796-2537
225-14-024Promote and Provide FDA Consumer Updates on public health and safety messages on emerging issues and product recalls to consumers.Healthline.comOEA/OC
Jason Brodsky
(301) 796-8234
225-15-010Sets forth principles and guidelines by which the parties intend to engage in a cooperative public education program. It is the parties’ intent to promote and increase the use of health knowledge, skills, and practices by the general population in its patterns of daily living.The National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke PreventionOEA/OC
Helene Clayton-Jeter
(301) 796-8452
225-15-012Engage in sharing of pre-decisional nonpublic compliance and enforcement policy information is intended to improve Federal-State uniformity, cooperative regulatory activities, or implementation of Federal-State agreements.National Association of Attorneys GeneralCTP
Ann Simoneau
(301) 796-9295
225-15-017 Replace 225-05-8000Promoting scientific progress through the exchange of scientific capital to develop innovative, collaborative projects in research, education, and outreach for the purpose of fostering medical product innovation, enabling the acceleration of medical product development, manufacturing, and translational therapeutics, and enhancing medical product safety.Critical Path InstituteCDER
ShaAvheree Buckman-Garner
(301) 796-2600
225-16-002Collaborate in educating the public about health issuesNational Consumers LeagueCDER
Kimberly Rawlings
(301) 796-3818
225-16-0026Shared interests in promoting scientific progress through exchange of scientific capital in cardio-vascular education, training, and research. 

Inova Heart and Vascular Institute



Anindita Saha, CDRH                                                    301-796-2537








225-16-025Provide and promote FDA information in the form of FDA health consumer information to consumers.Healheo360Steve Morin,                                                             301-796-016103-22-01703-21-2022
225-16-027Share interest in scientific progress in the disciplines that directly and indirectly affect human and animal health and medicine. 

Society for Toxicology


Luciana Borio, MD






Shared common priorities and interests in collaborating on chemical
Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast­
 Onderzoek (TNO)
Conrad Choiniere, OFVM                                      301-796-9228

Shared interest in facilitating the successful adoption of Unique Device

Identifiers (UDIs) across the healthcare device ecosystem especially with regard to the initial capture of UDI in supply chain and clinical health information technology (IT) systems.


Association of Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM)CDRH Terry L. Reed                                               301-796-613010-21-201610-20-2021
225-17-005FDA and AMA will collaborate to develop and distribute educational and outreach information to physicians to help them diagnose, treat and report foodborne illnesses; and educate patients on preventing foodborne illness.American Medical Association

CFSAN,                                                               Sharmi Das 202-402-3786 



225-17-0008  Replaces 225-03-8004











Partnership between FDA and FDAAA on future specific undertakings that are considered beneficial for both organizations and are directly related to FDA's mission.

Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association FDAAA












Heidi Marchand, OC/OER                      301-796-8457






























225-17-001Promoting progress in the application of computer modelling and simulation in healthcare through the exchange of knowledge, information, case studies and policy.The Avicenna Alliance for Predictive MedicineTina M. Morrison, PhDMay 30, 2017May 31, 2022
 Establishes a framework for collaboration to facilitate existing and new mutually agreed upon programs and activities and to carry out their common goal to improve public health by stimulating and fostering medical product innovation and enabling medical product development.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
RADM Carmen Maher
Assistant Surgeon General
Acting Assistant Commissioner
for Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats, Acting Director
Office of Counterterrorism & Emerging Threats (OCET)
June 27, 2017Indefinite
225-17-022Promote scientific progress in food sciences through exchange of scientific capital in analytical methods development and validation, as well as in educational initiatives.Independent Laboratories InstitutePalmer A. Orlandi, RADM, 301-796-6592August 10, 2017August 9, 2022
Provide training scientists in regulatory science and policy to foster a better understanding of FDA’s work in their post-fellowship employment. Contribute to a workforce that can advance the field of regulatory science and provide leadership in this area in policy organizations, industry, academia, or the government.
Reagan-Udall Foundation

Office of the Chief Scientist                       Leslie Wheelock, MS, RN                              301-706-8450

September 8, 2017Indefinite




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