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  1. Learn About FDA Patient Engagement

What happens after a Patient Listening Session?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in a Patient Listening Session! Patient Listening Sessions help FDA understand what is important to the patient community when medical products are being developed.

Patient Listening Session Summary of Patient-Led Listening Sessions

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We welcome and encourage you to develop a high-level summary from the Patient Listening Session. We simply ask that:

  • You allow FDA to quickly review the document before publishing it
  • You include a disclaimer that we will provide you

Be sure to send us the link to your published summary so we can add it to our website! After the session, we can provide you with a sample template for you to consider while writing the summary. You are not required to use the template.

After FDA-requested Patient Listening Sessions, the Office of Patient Affairs will draft a summary and post it to our website.

Feedback to Office of Patient Affairs

If you have time and interest, we want your feedback to help us improve future Patient Listening Sessions. Email us at Patient.Affairs@fda.gov with your comments.

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What happens after a Patient Listening Session?

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