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FDA Modernization Efforts for Establishing a Unified Human Foods Program, New Model for Field Operations and More

Implementation currently targeted for Oct. 1, 2024

FDA Modernization Efforts for a Unified Human Foods Program, Redesigned Field Operations & More

The FDA is focused on transforming the agency to be more efficient, nimble and ready for the future with the ever-changing and complex industries we regulate, including the emergence of new food technologies, the impacts of globalization, climate change and other factors that require the FDA to quickly adapt to an evolving world. 

In January 2023, the FDA announced it would develop a reorganization proposal to create a unified Human Foods Program and restructure its field operations (Office of Regulatory Affairs) after carefully reviewing the findings and recommendations of a Reagan-Udall Foundation evaluation, an internal review of the agency’s infant formula response, and feedback from external and internal stakeholders. 

The FDA completed its proposed reorganization package in December 2023. After undergoing a formal external review process required for all federal reorganizations, the FDA received approval of the reorganization package in May 2024. The reorganization is considered final, and the FDA is planning to implement the reorganization on October 1, 2024. 

The changes in the reorganization will allow the agency to:

  • More effectively realize the preventive vision laid out in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. 
  • Elevate the importance of nutrition to help reduce diet-related diseases.
  • Strengthen state partnerships and embrace innovative food and agricultural technologies that will position the agency to more effectively regulate and uphold safety of the nation’s food supply. 

The FDA also has changes that will impact other products we regulate, such as medical products and cosmetics, by creating an enterprise-wide structure that will enhance collaboration between its field investigators and subject matter experts throughout the entire agency. The reorganization includes additional improvements to modernize and strengthen the entire agency to work more cohesively and collaboratively together to accomplish its public health mission.


Approved Organizational Structures


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