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Patients Matter Video Series

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The Patients Matter Video Series is a series of short videos developed by FDA’s Patient Affairs Staff to teach patients and other stakeholders about FDA and patient engagement efforts. The video series is intended to educate patients and other stakeholders about FDA, encourage them to share their perspectives on living with a disease or condition, and provide information about how to contact the Agency.


Patients Matter

Learn about how FDA wants to hear from and engage with patients, caregivers, and patient advocates in this introduction to the Patients Matter video series

Patients Matter: Giving Patients A Seat at the Table

Learn about five different kinds of meetings, forums, and committees at which patients, caregivers, and advocates are invited to sit at the table with FDA and share their ideas, experiences, and concerns.

Patients Matter: FDA's Office of Orphan Products Development Grants Program

Learn about how FDA is administering funding to support innovative clinical trial methods and research for the millions of people with rare diseases through the Orphan Products and Natural History Grants Programs. These grants are open to foreign or domestic, public or private, for-profit or nonprofit entities, including patient advocacy groups, academicians, and industry.

When a Patient Speaks: Testimonials from FDA Patient Representatives

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FDA Patient Representatives continue to make important contributions to the agency as medical products are regulated. It’s through the FDA Patient Representative Program® that both patients and caregivers are able to demonstrate their strengths as advocates and ambassadors to their communities. "When a Patient Speaks" is a series of short videos where experienced FDA Patient Representatives share what it means to serve in their unique role, the impact that it’s had on their lives, the lessons learned as they’ve served, and more.

For more information about how you can engage with FDA, contact FDA’s Patient Affairs Staff at PatientAffairs@fda.gov.