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Food Defense Training & Education

FDA has developed several educational resources, including trainings to educate the food industry on ways to help protect our nation’s food supply from deliberate acts of contamination or tampering.


Food Defense 101 Training - Front-line Employee
This course provides the Front-line Employee with simple procedures to follow in food defense. 

Intentional Adulteration Rule Training
FDA in partnership with the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) Intentional Adulteration Subcommittee, developed trainings to support and align with the relevant provisions of the Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration regulation (21 CFR Part 121, IA Rule).

Food Defense Education Resources and Materials 

Employees FIRST 
Employees FIRST educates front-line food industry workers from farm to table about the risk of intentional food contamination and the actions they can take to identify and reduce these risks. 

See Something, Say Something™ Campaign
Documents highlighting indicators of suspicious activities and recommended protective measures for Food Service and Retail Food Establishments. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. 

Intentional Adulteration Webinar Series
FDA in partnership with the FSPCA hosted a series of webinars that provided stakeholders with more information about the IA Rule and assist food facilities that are required to comply with the IA rule to have a more in-depth understanding of those requirements. 

Intentional Adulteration Final Rule Video Presentation
FDA recorded a presentation of the Intentional Adulteration Final rule to provide a high level overview of the IA Rule and its requirements.

Reminder to Industry on Best Practices to Prevent Tampering and Intentional Adulteration
FDA has published guidance and tools for industry to help prevent tampering of food. 

Printable Food Defense materials can be obtained from - FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Education Resource Library, this library is a catalog of printable educational materials and videos on topics related to food safety, nutrition (including food defense, labeling and dietary supplements), and cosmetics.

Contact Us

For general food defense information, please email fooddefense@fda.hhs.gov.

For information about the Intentional Adulteration Subcommittee Alliance, visit the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance website.

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