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How to Report Problems with E-Cigarettes, Cigarettes, Cigars, or Other Tobacco Products to the FDA


How can I report problems with tobacco products?

The Safety Reporting Portal (SRP) allows you to tell the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products about health, quality, or safety issues with tobacco products, including products containing nicotine from any source.

Reports about unexpected tobacco-related health or product problems can help the FDA to identify and monitor known and emerging safety issues.

Make your voice heard and help protect others. Tell the FDA about your problem with an e-cigarette or any other tobacco product.

What health or safety problems with tobacco products can I report?

When filling out a Safety Reporting Portal report, the FDA wants to know as much detail as you can provide about the health, quality, or safety issue that you believe may have been caused by use of a particular tobacco product.

Examples of unexpected health problems include: 

  • Any new or worsened symptom or disease
  • Breathing trouble or chest pain
  • Burns or other injuries
  • Seizures or other serious nervous system issues
  • Allergic reactions, poisonings, and other toxic events
  • An unusual reaction in a long-time user
  • Harm to children, pets, or non-users

Examples of product problems include:

  • Problems with e-cigarette batteries overheating, igniting, or exploding
  • Problems with e-liquid chambers leaking or spilling
  • Fire caused by tobacco product use
  • Tobacco product mix-ups (such as labeling or packaging errors)
  • Damaged or defective products
  • Abnormal product look, smell, or taste 
  • Foreign objects or other contamination in products
  • Product malfunction, failure, or interaction

What kinds of tobacco products can I report?

What does the FDA do with Safety Reporting Portal reports?

The FDA reviews all Safety Reporting Portal reports for consistency, to capture all the reports, and takes steps, as appropriate, to protect the public health.

You do not need to give your contact information to submit a report; however, it may be helpful to provide such information in the event the FDA is interested in additional information about the issue.

The FDA cannot give individual advice to consumers. If you have an issue that requires medical attention, please contact your health care provider.

Want to view reports submitted to the FDA in the past? The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to request access to federal agency records or information, with some exceptions. The FDA also posts adverse experience reports online. Personally identifiable information is removed before posting these records.


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