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Europe Office

The Europe Office helps to strengthen the safety, quality, and effectiveness of medical products and food produced in Europe for export to the United States. The objective of the Europe Office is to foster collaboration and share knowledge and information with FDA’s counterpart regulatory authorities throughout the region, both directly and through their embassies in Washington DC.

The Europe Office engages and collaborates with European Union (EU) institutions and Member States (MS) on all matters related to FDA-regulated products. Europe Office’s policy experts monitor and analyze key EU and national policy developments and identify opportunities for advancing FDA’s international objectives that contribute to improvements in global public health. The Office works closely with FDA Centers and the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) to advocate for FDA positions within the EU and, as needed, provides coordination for FDA activities across Europe. The Office also serves a critical role in supporting FDA’s efforts toward mutual reliance and recognition of EU regulatory systems.

The Europe Office has locations in Brussels, Belgium; in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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