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Newly Added Guidance Documents

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International Council on Harmonisation - Joint Safety/Efficacy (Multidisciplinary) M7(R1) Assessment and Control of DNA Reactive (Mutagenic) Impurities in Pharmaceuticals To Limit Potential Carcinogenic Risk (PDF - 1.4MB) Final Guidance 03/13/18
ICH - Efficacy E18 Genomic Sampling and Management of Genomic Data Guidance for Industry (PDF - 98KB) Final Guidance 03/01/18
Procedural Definitions of Suspect Product and Illegitimate Product for Verification Obligations Under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act Guidance for Industry (PDF - 283KB) Draft Guidance 02/28/18
Procedural Standardization of Data and Documentation Practices for Product Tracing Guidance for Industry (PDF - 170KB) Draft Guidance 02/28/18
International Council on Harmonisation - Efficacy E6(R2) Good Clinical Practice: Integrated Addendum to ICH E6(R1) (PDF - 484KB) Final Guidance 02/28/18
International Council on Harmonisation - Quality Q11 Development and Manufacture of Drug Substances--Questions and Answers (Chemical Entities and Biotechnological/Biological Entities) (PDF - 843KB) Final Guidance 02/23/18
Clinical/Medical Migraine: Developing Drugs for Acute Treatment (PDF - 115KB) Final Guidance 02/15/18
Clinical / Medical Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Related Dystrophinopathies: Developing Drugs for Treatment Guidance for Industry (PDF - 119KB) Final Guidance 02/15/18
Clinical / Medical Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Developing Drugs for Treatment (PDF - 132KB) Draft Guidance 02/15/18
Clincal / Medical Alzheimer’s Disease: Developing Drugs for Treatment Guidance for Industy (PDF - 61KB) Draft Guidance 02/15/18
Clinical / Medical Drugs for Treatment of Partial Onset Seizures: Full Extrapolation of Efficacy from Adults to Pediatric Patients 4 Years of Age and Older (PDF - 51KB) Draft Guidance 02/15/18
Pharmaceutical Quality/CMC Regulatory Classification of Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals (PDF - 87KB) Revised Final Guidance 02/14/18
Clinical / Medical Bacillus Calmette-Guérin-Unresponsive Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Developing Drugs and Biologics for Treatment Guidance for Industry (PDF - 96KB) Final Guidance 02/12/18
Clinical / Antimicrobial Microbiological Data for Systemic Antibacterial Drug Products — Development, Analysis, and Presentation (PDF - 162KB) Final Guidance 02/07/18
Procedural Qualified Infectious Disease Product Designation Questions and Answers (PDF - 390KB) Draft Guidance 01/29/18
Clinical / Medical Hypertension: Developing Fixed-Dose Combination Drugs for Treatment Guidance for Industry (PDF - 94KB) Draft Guidance 01/25/18
Compounding/Pharmaceutical Quality/Manufacturing Standards (CGMP) Mixing, Diluting, or Repackaging Biological Products Outside the Scope of an Approved Biologics License Application (PDF - 556KB) Final Guidance 01/18/18
Compounding Compounded Drug Products That Are Essentially Copies of a Commercially Available Drug Product Under Section 503A of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act Guidance for Industry (PDF - 553KB) Final Guidance 01/18/18
Compounding Compounded Drug Products That Are Essentially Copies of Approved Drug Products Under Section 503B of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act Guidance for Industry (PDF - 468KB) Final Guidance 01/18/18
Labeling Product Title and Initial U.S. Approval in the Highlights of Prescribing Information for Human Prescription Drug and Biological Products — Content and Format Guidance for Industry (PDF - 680KB) Draft Guidance 01/18/18
Generics Good ANDA Submission Practices Guidance for Industry (PDF - 250KB) Draft Guidance 01/03/18
Clinical / Medical Establishing Effectiveness for Drugs Intended to Treat Male Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism Attributed to Nonstructural Disorders Guidance for Industry (PDF - 109KB) Draft Guidance 01/02/18
Labeling Labeling for Combined Hormonal Contraceptives Guidance for Industry (PDF - 437KB) Draft Guidance 12/29/17
Procedural Formal Meetings Between the FDA and Sponsors or Applicants of PDUFA Products Guidance for Industry (PDF - 156KB) Draft Guidance 12/28/17
Procedural Best Practices for Communication Between IND Sponsors and FDA During Drug Development (PDF - 191KB) Final Guidance 12/28/17
Biopharmaceutics Waiver of In Vivo Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies for Immediate-Release Solid Oral Dosage Forms Based on a Biopharmaceutics Classification System. Guidance for Industry (PDF - 161KB) Final Guidance 12/22/17
Compliance Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic Guidance for FDA Staff and Industry (PDF - 78KB) Draft Guidance 12/18/17
Generics / User fees Information Requests and Discipline Review Letters Under the Generic Drug User Fee Amendments; Draft Guidance for Industry (PDF - 81KB) Draft Guidance 12/15/17
Pharmaceutical Quality / CMC Drug Products, Including Biological Products, that Contain Nanomaterials - Guidance for Industry (PDF - 235KB) Draft Guidance 12/15/17
Clinical Pharmacology Developing Targeted Therapies in Low-Frequency Molecular Subsets of a Disease; Guidance for Industry (PDF - 75KB) Draft Guidance 12/15/17
Labeling Systemic Antibacterial and Antifungal Drugs: Susceptibility Test Interpretive Criteria Labeling for NDAs and ANDAs (PDF - 92KB) Final Guidance 12/13/17
Procedural Refuse to File: NDA and BLA Submissions to CDER Guidance for Industry (PDF - 109KB) Draft Guidance 12/12/17
Labeling Gluten in Drug Products and Associated Labeling Recommendations; Draft Guidance for Industry (PDF - 136KB) Draft Guidance 12/12/17
Advertising Product Name Placement, Size, and Prominence in Advertising and Promotional Labeling-Final (PDF - 115KB) Final Guidance 12/11/17
Rare Diseases Pediatric Rare Diseases--A Collaborative Approach for Drug Development Using Gaucher Disease as a Model; Draft Guidance for Industry (PDF - 262KB) Draft Guidance 12/06/17
Procedural Grandfathering Policy for Packages and Homogenous Cases of Product Without a Product Identifier (PDF - 393KB) Draft Guidance 11/27/17
Generics General Principles for Evaluating the Abuse Deterrence of Generic Solid Oral Opioid Drug Products Guidance for Industry (PDF - 520KB) Final Guidance 11/21/17
User Fees Assessing User Fees Under the Biosimilar User Fee Amendments of 2017 Guidance for Industry (PDF - 359KB) Draft Guidance 11/15/17
International Council for Harmonisation - Safety S5(R3) Detection of Toxicity to Reproduction (PDF - 1.4MB) Draft Guidance 11/09/17
Procedural Use of a Drug Master File for Shared System REMS Submissions Guidance for Industry (PDF - 103KB) Draft Guidance 11/08/17
Clinical/Medical Evaluating Drug Effects on the Ability to Operate a Motor Vehicle (PDF - 104KB) Final Guidance 11/08/17
Clinical / Medical Recurrent Herpes Labialis: Developing Drugs for Treatment and Prevention (PDF - 153KB) Final Guidance 11/06/17
Compliance Recommended Statement for Over-the-Counter Aspirin-Containing Drug Products Labeled With Cardiovascular Related Imagery Guidance for Industry (PDF - 193KB) Final Guidance 11/06/17
Clinical / Antimicrobial Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection: Developing Direct-Acting Antiviral Drugs for Treatment Guidance for Industry (PDF - 258KB) Final Guidance 11/06/17
Pharmaceutical Quality/CMC / Generics ANDAs: Pre-Submission of Facility Information Related to Prioritized Generic Drug Applications (Pre-Submission Facility Correspondence) Guidance for Industry (PDF - 151KB) Draft Guidance 11/03/17
Procedural Formal Dispute Resolution: Appeals Above the Division Level Guidance for Industy (PDF - 214KB) Final Guidance 11/03/17
Generics - User Fees Controlled Correspondence Related to Generic Drug Development Draft Guidance for Industry (PDF - 171KB) Draft Guidance 11/02/17

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