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  1. Biosimilar User Fee Amendments

Completed BsUFA III Deliverables

Since the passage of the Biosimilar User Fee Act (BsUFA) in 2012, user fees have played an important role in expediting the process for the review of biosimilar products. BsUFA must be reauthorized every five years, and in September 2022, the President signed into law the third reauthorization of BsUFA, which establishes the program through fiscal year 2027.

To provide a snapshot of how FDA is meeting some of its BsUFA commitments, the following tables present a listing of required and completed deliverables. Many of these deliverables can be found elsewhere on FDA's website but have been consolidated here for ease of access.

Please note:

  • The tables focus on external activities or deliverables such as guidances, public meetings, public workshops, and updates or documents posted to the FDA website.
  • The tables include the original deliverables FDA produced to meet its commitments, but they do not necessarily include more recent versions that may have posted after the deliverables were met.
  • For more detailed and complete information regarding BsUFA performance progress, please see the BsUFA Annual Performance Report page.

Recurring Commitments

This table includes commitments that require regular updates (e.g., annually, quarterly).

Commitment Topic Recurrence
Publish Quarterly Hiring Updates Set Clear Goals for Human Drug Review Program Hiring Quarterly
Develop and Update Data and Tech Modernization Strategy Information Technology Goals   Yearly
Electronic Submission Gateway (ESG) Website Update Monitor and Modernize ESG Yearly

Other Commitments

This table includes other commitments, that do not have a regular update (e.g., guidances, public meetings).

Commitment Topic Date Published

Publish Capacity Planning Implementation Plan

Resource Capacity Planning Implementation


Publish 5 Year Financial Plan

Financial Transparency


Conduct Public Meeting Financial Plan FY23

Financial Transparency


Publish Draft Supplements Guidance



Publish Revised Draft Guidance on Changes to Meeting Management

Guidance, Clarity, and Transparency


Publish Draft Guidance on Labeling for Interchangeable Biosimilars Foundational Guidance Development 9/18/2023
Publish Draft Guidance on Alternative Tools to Assess Manufacturing Facilities Inspections and Alternative Tools to Evaluate Facilities 9/22/2023
Update Relevant Documents Regarding Best Practices in Communication with Sponsors Promoting Best Practices in Communication Between FDA and Sponsors  12/26/2023
Publish Capacity Planning Implementation Plan Updates FY24  Resource Capacity Planning Implementation 3/22/2024
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