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The Office of Digital Transformation (ODT) provides the vision and leadership in information technology (IT), data, and cybersecurity needed to advance FDA’s mission and strategic priorities. ODT is led by the Chief Information Officer and reports to the FDA Commissioner. ODT directs and coordinates enterprise strategic planning, policy, and resource management to ensure that Agency IT, data, and cybersecurity investments and activities provide maximum value to FDA.

ODT is comprised of the Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT), Office of Data, Analytics, and Research (ODAR), and the Office of Information Security (OIS), under the direction of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Data Officer (CTO), and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Org chart structure showing ODAR, OIS, and OIMT reporting to ODT, and ODT reports directly to the FDA Office of the Commissioner.

Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT)

Office of Information Security (OIS)

Office of Data, Analytics, and Research (ODAR)

Office Director Name Email Address
Chief Information Officer/ODT Director Vid Desai Vid.Desai@fda.hhs.gov
Executive Officer, ODT Jessica Berrellez Jessica.Berrellez@fda.hhs.gov
Chief Technology Officer/OIMT Director Mohammed (Sohail) Chaudhry Mohammed.Chaudhry@fda.hha.gov
Chief Information Security Officer/OIS Director Craig Taylor Craig.Taylor@fda.hhs.gov
Chief Data Officer/ODAR Ram Iyer Ram.Iyler@fda.hhs.gov
Director of Customer Experience/OIMT/OBCA Director Joshua Lehman Joshua.Lehman@fda.hhs.gov
Director of Business Excellence/OIMT/OEPM Director Joseph Montgomery Joseph.Montgomery@fda.hhs.gov
OIMT/Office of Technology & Delivery Director Farhan Khan Farhan.Khan@fda.hhs.gov
Division of Application Services Director Will Stevenson William.Stevenson@fda.hhs.gov
Division of Management Services Director Amy El-Naggar Amy.Elnaggar@fda.hhs.gov
Director, Advance Services Delivery & Automation Quinn Ton Quinn.Ton@fda.hhs.gov
Director, Acquisition Strategies & Partnership Mahesh Choksi Mahesh.Choksi@fda.hhs.gov


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