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Office of Data, Analytics, and Research (ODAR)

Who We Are
The Office of Data, Analytics, and Research (ODAR) manages and improves FDA’s ability to leverage data as a strategic asset by establishing enterprise data strategy and priorities. 

What We Do

  1. Build partnerships across FDA program areas to deliver high value, cloud-based, product focused, driver projects that will serve as enterprise foundational capabilities for a modern, cost-efficient, data environment. As part of this environment, create a secure, scalable, interoperable and intelligent data lifecycle platform to support project teams implementing data centric systems and data scientists performing data analytics activities.
  2. Engage subject matter experts from across FDA to identify and implement best practices in data management.
  3. Accelerate FDA’s strategy “Putting Data to Work” by developing internal scientists through training, engaging FDA's Centers of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSIs) to prepare future talent, and hire skilled data scientists to support pre and post market analysis and research.
  4. Develop an enterprise data management culture and practice.

Establish an enterprise data strategy through learning and working across FDA to revitalize our data environment by enhancing our approach to collecting, storing and analyzing diverse and complex datasets.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Ram Iyer, FDA Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Kevin Coakley, Deputy CDO
  • Elaine Johanson, Director of Health Informatics Staff
  • Thomas Beach, Associate Director for Governance

Organizational Structure

Organizational diagram showing the Knowledge Management Staff, Health Informatics Staff, and Data Staff reporting to the Office of Data, Analytics, and Research (ODAR, led by the Chief Data Officer). ODAR reports to the Office of Digital Transformation (ODT, led by the Chief Information Officer). ODT reports to the FDA Office of the Commissioner.
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