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Contact an Ombudsman at FDA

CBER (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research), CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research), CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health), CTP (Center for Tobacco Products),  CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine), as well as ORA (Office of Regulatory Affairs) and FDA Office of the Commissioner, each have a designated ombudsman. Each works to resolve problems and issues occurring within their own respective center. If that effort is unsuccessful or if intercenter issues are involved, the matter will go to the FDA Ombudsman's Office. The offices are in close communication with common goals of efficient dispute resolution.

CBER Ombudsman, Sheryl Lard-Whiteford
Telephone: 240-402-7912
CBER Associate Ombudsman, Howard Balick
Telephone: 301-827-0379
E-mail: CBERombudsman@fda.hhs.gov
Web page: CBER Ombudsman

CDER Ombudsman, Virginia Behr
Telephone: 301-796-3436
CDER Assistant Ombudsman, Melissa Sage
Telephone: 301-796-6449
E-mail: CDERombudsman@fda.hhs.gov
Web page: CDER Ombudsman

CDRH Ombudsman, Abiy Desta
Telephone: 301-796-0293
CDRH Deputy Ombudsman, Ken Skodacek
Telephone: 301-796-6364
E-mail: CDRHOmbudsman@fda.hhs.gov
Web page: CDRH Ombudsman

CTP Ombudsman, Nathan Hurley
Telephone: 301-796-3095
CTP Associate Ombudsman, Arielle Patno
E-mail: CTPombudsman@fda.hhs.gov
Web page: CTP Ombudsman

CVM Ombudsman, Tracey Forfa (Acting)
Telephone: 240-402-5710
E-mail: CVMombudsman@fda.hhs.gov
Web page: CVM Ombudsman

ORA Ombudsman, Jessica Zeller
Telephone: (844) 871-4536 (toll-free)
ORA Associate Ombudsman, Erica Katherine
Telephone: 240-402-4787
E-mail: ORAombudsman@fda.hhs.gov
Web page: ORA Ombudsman

FDA Ombudsman, Laurie Lenkel
Assistant Ombudsman, Talisha Williams
Telephone: 301-796-8530
E-mail: Ombuds@OC.FDA.gov
Web page: FDA Ombudsman