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  1. 2022 OCE Annual Report

Community and Patient Outreach

Community and Patient Outlook

Project Community leads the OCE’s outreach to patients with cancer in the U.S., their families and caregivers, and medically underserved communities. Outreach and engagement activities in 2022 were extensive and included nine key initiatives ranging from White House Cancer Cabinet Conversations to National Black Family Cancer Awareness.

Project Community led meetings between patient advocacy groups and FDA clinical reviewers on the topics of rare cancers, colorectal and anal cancers, and breast cancer. 

Further expanding its outreach, Project Community co-hosted a White House Cancer Cabinet Community Conversation on May 4, Moving on Equity: OCE Expands Diversity Initiative. The conversation was part of the wider White House Cancer Moonshot Program, which includes leadership from members of the Cancer Cabinet and brings together federal departments, agencies, and other White House components to address cancer.

Project Community participated in multiple, national roundtables, meetings, and panels. Several of the most prominent include the following events:

  • FDA Oncology Center of Excellence Patient Engagement Initiatives: An Interactive Roundtable Discussion, April 12 session at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting.
  • What You Should Know About Clinical Research, Chicago Peer Plus, Feb 24, Community Forum Meetings, January 18 and April 18, for Project Community’s National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week Initiative.
  • San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Session: Big Data and Health Equity, December 6.
  • New OCE web page: Cancer Community Resources to provide fact sheets, videos, and links to additional information for patients, families, and community organizations. 

Conversations on Cancer

One of Project Community’s most visible initiatives during 2022 was its Conversations on Cancer panel discussion series. Conversations on Cancer is a dynamic, OCE public panel discussion series examining cancer-related social issues with inclusive and diverse panel members from the U.S. and within the FDA. Each discussion is recorded on YouTube and free for public viewing.

Topics included: Oncofertility, Next Generation of Cancer Leaders, Clinical Trials Site Selection, National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week, Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Treatment Tolerability, Black History Month Program, Building Trust in Clinical Trials.

Visit Conversations on Cancer for current events and YouTube panel discussions from previous years.

National Black Family Cancer Awareness

Finally, Project Community’s National Black Family Cancer Awareness (#BlackFamCan) initiative entered its second year. The year included the second annual National Black Cancer Family Awareness Week, June 16-22, 2022, and consisted of collaborations with the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Stand Up to Cancer, NCI-designated Cancer Centers, Howard University Cancer Center, Philadelphia’s Enon Baptist Tabernacle Church, and numerous cancer advocacy groups.

A new milestone was set as well during the June 16 Conversations on Cancer, National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week. The panel discussion entitled; “Engaging the Generations” garnered 10,000 YouTube views. Additionally, for the first time, the FDA Commissioner provided a video welcome to participants.

Project Community plans to further expand its outreach and initiatives moving into 2023. 




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