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Outstanding Junior Investigator 2009--Present

This award recognizes a scientist who has made significant contributions to the mission of the FDA in the field of either basic or applied research or in regulatory review science. To be considered, the individual must be no more than 5 years past attaining their post–graduate degree. Accomplishments should be judged by the same general standards as those for the other science awards.

Maria Hoffmann, PhD
For outstanding and sustained contributions in food safety using novel application of WGS to improve FDA's ability to trace and type foodborne Salmonella.

Kimberly Kontson, PhD

For scientific research to advance the use of quantitative outcome measures in the assessment of neurological and physical medicine products.

Christopher Scully, PhD

For scientific research to advance physiological monitoring in emergency medicine and critical care.

Zhichao Liu, PhD (Visiting Scientist)

For consistently important contributions to collaborative research involving drug repositioning for rare diseases, DILI and liver carcinogen predictors, and regulatory text and data mining. 

Hongquan Wan, D.V.M., Ph.D., CBER

For outstanding research on influenza immunity that supports the development of effective influenza vaccines and therapeutics.

Kristin Marie Marshall, PhD

For developing a reproducible method for identification and sub-typing of Clostridium botulinum, the causative agent of botulism, and demonstrating its usefulness as an epidemiological tool

Daniel Tadesse, D.V.M., Ph.D, CVM

For coordinating the integration and implementation of microarray technology and whole genome sequencing into the Center for Veterinary Medicine’s antimicrobial resistance research projects.

Jie Zheng, Ph.D, D.V.M., CFSAN

For outstanding scientific achievement for elucidating critical Salmonella contamination pathways and for developing effective intervention strategies against foodborne Salmonella associated with the produce supply

Rebecca Bell, Ph.D., CFSAN

For outstanding scientific achievements in the areas of microbial ecology, rapid detection and identification of foodborne salmonellae known to contaminate the U.S. fresh‐cut produce supply

Narjol Gonzalez-Escalona, PhD, CFSAN

For effective detection and differentiation of foodborne bacterial pathogens through the development and application of groundbreaking and highly innovative molecular biologic methods of strain interrogation

Jonathan R. Deeds, PhD, CFSAN

For outstanding contributions in the development and implementation of DNA-barcoding methods for food safety.

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