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Excellence in Social and Behavioral Science Group Award

This category recognizes a group involved in a collaborative social and behavioral science effort which includes, but is not limited to, experimental and quasi- experimental studies; economic analysis; surveys of representative samples; quantitative and qualitative assessments of, for example, target audience perception, understanding, associated behavioral intent, and behavioral change; expert elicitations of best practices, mental models, and decision analysis; etc.


Social and Behavioral Science Working Group Development Subcommittee (CDER)

For creating a first-in-kind mentoring program for social and behavioral scientists to promote staff retention.


Kathryn J. Aikin, Ph.D. (CDER)

Monica L. Pampell, M.S., M.A. (OC)



Development and Implementation of MCDA for Benefit-Risk Assessment of Human Drugs (CDER)

For tailored multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to inform regulatory decision-making at CDER and successfully applied MCDA to inform NDA benefit-risk assessments and approval decisions.


Leila Lackey, MHS, DEnv
Graham Thompson, BS
Sara Lynn Eggers, PhD
Bethany Rue, MSc
Sai Hurrish Dharmarajan, PhD (Visiting Associate)



Tobacco Products: Principles for Designing and Conducting Tobacco Product Perception and Intention Studies. -- Draft Guidance (CTP)

For providing the first ever FDA draft guidance to tobacco industry on Social and Behavioral Science studies, which is critical to make informed regulatory decisions.


Erin O'Brien, PhD

Alexander Persoskie, PhD

Amber Koblitz, MPH, PhD

Sarah Johnson, PhD

Samantha LohCollado, MPH, JD

Paul Hart, JD



Universal Leukocyte Reduction Cost-Benefit Assessment Team

For outstanding cost-benefit analysis of requiring universal leukocyte reduction for blood donations to improve blood safety.


Richard Forshee, PhD

Hong Yang, PhD

Barbee Whitaker, PhD

Hussein Ezzeldin, PhD

Emily Storch, MD

Anne Eder, MD, PhD

Thomas Henry, PhD

Kinnera Chada, PhD

Mikhail Menis, PhD

Graca Dores, MD, MPH



Naloxone Label Comprehension Study Team

For creating and optimizing a Drug Facts Label to jumpstart a prescription to nonprescription switch for naloxone, a life-saving drug in opioid overdose settings.  


Karen Mahoney, MD

Elande Baro, PhD

Rima Izem, PhD

Barbara Cohen



Social Science Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) Research Team

Excellence in Social and Behavioral Science for modified risk tobacco product research to study consumer perceptions of risk/harm behavioral intentions, and tobacco product use


Cindy Tworek, PhD, MPH

Sarah Johnson, PhD

Alexander Persoskie, PhD

Erin O’Brien, PhD

Amber Koblitz, PhD, MPH

Wendy Slavit, MPH

Aura Lee Morse, MPH


The Office of Prescription Drug Promotion Research Team

For outstanding social science research work on prescription drug promotion that has improved the communication of information about medical drug products to consumers and health care providers

Kathryn J. Aikin, PhD
Helen W. Sullivan, PhD, MPH
Kevin R. Betts, PhD
Amie C. O’Donoghue, PhD

Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study Management Team

For outstanding scientific contributions in tobacco regulatory science through design and launch of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study

Bridget K. Ambrose, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Nicolette Borek, PhD
Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej, MA, PhD
LCDR Jonathan Kwan, MS (C)
Greta K. Tessman, MA
Cindy Tworek, M.S., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Dana Van Bemmel, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Ling Yang, MD, PhD

Youth Tobacco Team, CTP

For outstanding scientific contributions regarding youth tobacco knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, and use that adds new information to the field and informs FDA's tobacco regulatory activities.

Bridget K. Ambrose, MPH, PhD 
Allison C. Hoffman, MA, PhD
Benjamin J. Apelberg, MHS, PhD 
Corinne G. Husten, MD, MPH
Cathy L. Backinger, MPH, PhD 
Kia J. Jackson, PhD
Nicolette Borek, PhD 
Sarah E. Johnson, MS, PhD
Cindy Chang, MPH, PhD 
David B. Portnoy, MA, PhD, MPH
Jiping Chen, MD, PhD, MPH 
Brian L. Rostron, MA, MPH, PhD
Conrad Choiniere, MS, PhD 
Megan J. Schroeder, PhD
Blair N. Coleman, MPH, PhD
Candidate Greta K. Tessman, MA
Catherine G. Corey, MSPH 
Cindy Tworek, MS, MPH, PhD
Baoguang Wang, MD, MPH, DrPH

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