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Excellence in Scientific Response to a Public Health Emergency–GROUP

This category recognizes groups that participate in the development, adaptation, and/or implementation of scientific methods as part of a coordinated team response to an urgent public health issue. Examples of this might include the application of analytical or laboratory science and/or the rapid evaluation and integration of real-world data into FDA’s response to a declared public health emergency. 

CovidTrakr Team (CFSAN)
For exceptional improvements to FDA's GenomeTrakr developing methods, bioinformatic pipelines, and protocols for SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater and led pandemic response surveillance in food production areas.

Ruth Timme, Ph.D.
Jacquelina Woods, Ph.D.
Jessica Jones, Ph.D.
Kevin Calci, M.S.
Rachel Rodriguez, B.S.
Candace Barnes
Mark Craven, Ph.D.
Haifeng Chen, Ph.D.
Christopher Grim, Ph.D.
Amanda Windsor, Ph.D.
Padmini Ramachandran, M.S.
Maria Hoffmann
(Staff Fellow)
Tim Muruvanda
Kathryn Judy, M.S.
(ORISE Fellow)
James Pettengill, Ph.D.
Hugh Rand, Ph.D.
Jasmine Amirzadegan, Ph.D.
Bereket Tesfaldet, M.S.
Marc Allard, Ph.D.
Maria Balkey, M.S.
(Staff Fellow)
Candace Bias, M.P.H. (ORISE Fellow)
Sandra Tallent, Ph.D.
Eric Brown, Ph.D.
Tina Pfefer, M.S.P.H.
Susan Laine, B.A.
Cameron Boerner
Francesco Siciliano, B.S.

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