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Scientific Research Jobs, Fellowships, and Collaborations on Medical Devices

Learn about scientific research opportunities at CDRH and how to collaborate with us

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Interested in a science or engineering career at the heart of public health and medical device innovation?

On this page:

Regulatory Research Jobs at CDRH

We have openings for candidates with a strong background in a variety of scientific disciplines focusing on laboratory research and policy or consulting support for reviews of new medical devices and analysis of device failures.

Apply to these currently open positions:

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Graduate Training Programs

Fellowships at CDRH

Collaborate with CDRH Research

Find out how CDRH works with members of the medical device community to accelerate medical device innovation and address regulatory science gaps affecting medical device development and evaluation.

Public-Private Science Collaborations

Our collaborations with academia, health care providers, other government agencies, and industry support CDRH efforts to ensure public safety in areas as varied as medical imaging, medical device software, breast implants, drug eluting stents, and other medical device regulatory science research areas conducted by OSEL. To explore collaborations, please contact:

For more information, see Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories.

Grant and Contract Mechanisms to Foster Collaborations and Advance Regulatory Science Research

To spur innovation in the field of regulatory science, these grant and contract mechanisms are available to help address broad regulatory science challenges within OSEL's scientific priority areas and support research collaborations with academia.

This program comprises an interagency partnership for the investigation of scientific and engineering issues concerning emerging trends in medical device technology. This partnership is designed to enable investigators in science, engineering, and computer science to develop research collaborations within the intramural research environment at the FDA.

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