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For Trade and Industry Groups: Requesting Cross-Agency Speakers From FDA

Trade associations and industry-based groups should use this questionnaire to submit cross-agency speaker requests (i.e. two or more FDA-regulated product areas) for a single event. This is NOT an event planning or travel related service.

For events held within the contiguous United States, please give us 3 to 4 months' notice. For events held abroad, and in Alaska and Hawaii, please provide 4 to 6 months' advance notice. Emerging regulatory demands and other commitments may limit our level of participation when we receive less notice. For more information about the process, please see Requesting Cross-agency Speakers from FDA.

To complete this questionnaire, please follow these steps:

  • Gather documents or website addresses for the event agenda, the invitation written on your organization's letterhead and other pertinent information you may want to submit
  • Enter all the speaker requests for each event during a single session. Once submitted, the questionnaire won't be available to add new speakers or information. DO NOT press the back button in your browser; you will lose your data, and your form will be incomplete.
  • Set aside 15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire initially, but subsequent requests for speakers at the same event will pre-populate the fields making it quicker to submit the entire request.

Internet Explorer (IE) is the only officially supported browser for FDA websites. Other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) have not been verified and may prevent successful form submissions.

For more information see Frequently Asked Questions below or email us at FDASpeaks@fda.hhs.gov.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select the best topic below, and then use the contact information to inquire directly with that FDA-regulated product area. Someone from that product area will provide further guidance regarding speaker request that involves only one FDA-regulated product area.

For any other FDA regulated product not listed above including the Office of the Commissioner activities,
Email: FDASpeaks@fda.hhs.gov

To request two or more FDA speakers from our various units, complete the FDA Speaker Questionnaire.

Please give us as much notice as possible when requesting a speaker. For events in the contiguous United States, 3 to 4 months' advance notice is ideal. For events abroad, and in Alaska and Hawaii, we need 4 to 6 months' advance notice.

We accept requests with shorter notice, but we are less likely to be able to provide you with a suitable speaker.

Yes. Please tell us if you would like a particular person or someone with a specific expertise. Please be flexible. Your first choice might not be available, so we recommend that you include a second and third choice in your request.

The Stakeholder Engagement Staff resides within the Office of the Commissioner and falls under the Office of External Affairs will contact the appropriate office(s) within FDA to obtain official clearance. If more information is needed, we will work with your organization to gather it.

Some factors that might be used in considering requests include: timeliness of the topic, geographic location of the event, the event's target audience, FDA staff availability, expected number of attendees and available resources.

Once your request has been processed, the Stakeholder Engagement Staff/Office of External Affairs/Office of the Commissioner will contact you.

Overview of the clearance process:

  1. You submit an online speaker request via the FDA Speaker Questionnaire and receive an automated email confirmation.
  2. FDA might email or telephone you with questions or to clarify your request.
  3. FDA will contact you once we have procesed your request. Our primary mission is to protect and promote the public health. Speaker requests received from trade groups are prioritized according to our core regulatory responsibilities and the available resources. We remain committed to meeting the continuing challenges or regulating in an ever-expanding global market.
  4. If the speaker request is accepted, the sponsoring organization is put in direct contact with the confirmed speaker to discuss applicable session logistics.

We aim to provide timely responses. But in some cases, the clearance process might take six weeks or longer once all the required information is submitted.

Trade associations and industry groups that are requesting more than one speaker from FDA to participate at a single event or if the request involves more than one FDA-regulated product.

No, there is no guarantee that FDA will be able to provide a speaker for your event.

No. That would delay your request. Please use the FDA Speaker Questionnaire and don't contact speakers directly.

Although FDA carefully considers each request for a speaker, every year we receive more requests than we can accept. While your request is pending, we would prefer that the promotional materials for your meeting simply state "FDA Invited" without mentioning the invited speaker by name. Once we have confirmed our participation, you may go ahead and name the confirmed speaker in your promotional materials.

Our Office of International Programs handles all activities involving our foreign regulatory counterparts as well as WHO/PAHO officials. For information, please contact our Office of International Programs.

Our Office of Partnerships/Office of Regulatory Affairs handles all our activities involving our federal, state and local officials. For more information, please contact our Office of Partnerships/Office of Regulatory Affairs.

Please email any feedback to the Stakeholder Engagement Staff/Office of External Affairs/Office of the Commissioner at FDASpeaks@fda.hhs.gov.

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