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BAM Media M17: Baird-Parker Medium, pH 7.0

January 2001

Bacteriological Analytical Manual

Baird-Parker Medium, pH 7.0

Basal medium

Tryptone 10 g
Beef extract 5 g
Yeast extract 1 g
Sodium pyruvate 10 g
Glycine 12 g
Lithium chloride·6H2O 5 g
Agar 20 g

Autoclave 15 min at 121°C. Final pH, 7.0 ± 0.2. If desired for immediate use, maintain melted medium at 48-50°C before adding enrichment. Otherwise, store solidified medium at 4 ± 1°C up to 1 month. Melt medium before use.


Bacto EY tellurite enrichment.

Complete medium

Aseptically add 5 ml prewarmed (45-50°C) Bacto EY tellurite enrichment to 95 ml melted base. Mix well (avoiding bubbles) and pour 15-18 ml portions into sterile 15 × 100 mm petri dishes. The medium must be densely opaque. Dry plates before use. Store prepared plates at 20-25°C for up to 5 days. See Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International, 15th Edition (1990), p. 429, for more information.

Storage 20-25°C 5 days

Original Source: Bacteriological Analytical Manual, 8th Edition, Revision A, 1998. Revised by rim 2000-03-28

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