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BAM Media M131a: Rapid L. mono Medium

Media Index for BAM

January 2003

Peptones 30 g
Meat extract 5 g
Yeast extract 1 g
Lithium chloride 9 g
Selective supplementa 20 ml
D-Xylose 10 g
Phenol red 0.12 g
Agar Ba 13 g
Chromogenic substratea 1 ml
Water, distilled 1000 ml
aProprietary information.

Final pH is 7.3 ± 0.1. Store at 2 - 8 °C in dark in original packaging. Shelf life is 4 months under these conditions. The medium is available as ready-poured Petri dishes from, e.g. Bio-Rad http://www.biorad.com disclaimer icon Due to the presence of D-xylose and phenol red this agar can distinguish L. ivanovii and L. monocytogenes.

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