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Nutrition Facts Label Continuing Medical Education Program for Pediatricians

Talking to Parents and Patients About Using the Nutrition Facts Label to Make Healthy Food Choices

The scenes in these CME videos may not depict current recommended infection prevention and control practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as the course was produced prior to the pandemic. For the most current information from FDA on COVID-19, visit www.fda.gov/coronavirus.

Interested physicians can earn 1 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM on PediaLink, the AAP Online Learning Center.


Module 1: Servings, Calories, and Percent Daily Value

When choosing and comparing packaged foods and beverages, the Nutrition Facts Label can help parents and caregivers make informed decisions for their children that support lifelong healthy dietary practices. This video reviews the regulation of the Nutrition Facts label and three key sections of the label: servings, calories, and percent Daily Value.

Module 2: Nutrient Overview and Nutrients to Get More Of

This video provides an overview of the nutrients listed on the Nutrition Facts label and discusses the nutrients that are important for children to get more of. This is important because many children in the Unites States do not get the recommended amount of certain nutrients in their diets: dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and iron. The video also reviews the health benefits of these nutrients and provides tips for parents and caregivers to include foods with more of these nutrients in their family’s diets.

Module 3: Nutrients to Get Less Of

Most children in the United States exceed the recommended limits for certain nutrients in their diets: added sugars, sodium, and saturated fat. This video reviews how the Nutrition Facts label can help parents and caregivers compare and choose foods and beverages lower in these nutrients, which can help reduce their children’s risk of developing some health conditions later in life.

Module 4: What is the Nutrition Facts label and how do I use it?

This video provides a general overview of the four key sections of the Nutrition Facts label: servings, calories, percent Daily Value, and nutrients. The video offers practical guidance for parents and caregivers on how to use the Nutrition Facts label to compare packaged foods and beverages and make informed dietary choices that are beneficial to their family’s health. It is designed to help pediatricians and other pediatric healthcare professionals educate patients and is suitable to be shown directly to patients.

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