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Food Related Emergency Exercise Bundle (FREE-B) Download

FREE-B Main Page

Please note that several of the FREE-B scenarios are loosely based on actual events to take advantage of ‘teachable moments’ derived from these events and to provide learning opportunities, and facilitate discussion among stakeholders that use the FREE-B. All of the firms and/or entities referenced within the FREE-B are fictitious.

FDA would like to emphasize to stakeholders who download the FREE-B and/or participate in or complete a FREE-B exercise that using the FREE-B does not mean that the stakeholders’ emergency response protocols, procedures, and plans are approved by or in compliance with FDA laws and regulations. The FREE-B is merely a set of educational tools and resources which FDA has provided for stakeholders to use and learn from. By simply downloading FREE-B, training in food emergency response protocols, procedures, and plans has not transpired. In order for training and education to transpire, stakeholders are encouraged to review the directions, host an exercise, carry out the exercise, complete an after action report and then re-assess plans, protocols and procedures to determine a course of action for the development of an improvement plan.

Download FREE-B by Scenario

Scenarios available for download in Compressed Files, you may need to download decompression software, such as WinZip. For more information on viewing files visit the FDA File Type Support Page.

  • How Sweet It Is(n’t) (ZIP, 2.8MB) - This scenario focuses attention on the regulatory traceback investigation that occurs after standard product testing shows that an FDA regulated food product contains excessive levels of a contaminant, as well as a recall of contaminated food from commerce.
  • Stealthy Situation (ZIP, 2.3MB) - This exercise is a comprehensive scenario and includes the epidemiological investigation, traceback and recall identification and implementation, role of regulatory agencies, and highlights nuances associated when a cluster of illness is associated with a foodservice establishment and an FDA regulated product.
  • Wilted Woes (ZIP, 2.8MB) - This scenario begins at the outset of early signal detection with clinical illness reports, and focuses on the epidemiological investigation process to identify the food vehicle, when there is a human health emergency caused by an unintentional contamination of produce (FDA regulated product) with E. coli O157:H7.
  • High Plains Harbinger (ZIP, 2.7MB) - This scenario focuses on the investigation of animal disease (USDA / APHIS jurisdiction) caused by intentional infection of cattle with Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus, highlighting the various animal agriculture agencies (Federal, state, local, territorial, and Tribal) and their roles and responsibilities, as well as introducing the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies during an animal health emergency.
  • Insider Addition (ZIP, 2.8MB) - This scenario focuses attention on the intentional aspect of contamination of a raw meat product at the processor (USDA / FSIS jurisdiction) with a chemical agent, including the various nontraditional organizations and expertise needed to investigate intentional contaminations, the establishment of collaborative processes and roles and responsibilities with the traditional public health and regulatory partners.
  • Mass Mayhem (ZIP, 2.89MB) - This scenario focuses on the investigation of a foodborne illness outbreak during a large event and illustrates the importance of collaborating in a diverse team of professionals, establishing roles and responsibilities, and responding to an urgent mass contamination event.
  • Wat'er You Thinking (ZIP, 2.61MB) - This scenario focuses on the investigation of the possible contamination of the water supply in an industrial town and illustrates the importance of water safety from all parties involved in the treatment, storage, and distribution of water.
  • Foul Fodder (ZIP, 2.99MB) - This exercise scenario focuses on the investigation of intentional product contamination with organic chemicals and protocol procedures used by agricultural, local, State, and federal agencies, as well as their roles and responsibilities. The scenario also includes the importance of biosecurity in the food/feed industry and the results and impact of product recall due to intentional contamination.


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