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  1. The National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System

Integrated Reports/Summaries


NARMS gathers surveillance data from human clinical samples, animal slaughter samples and retail meat samples. This approach to integrated surveillance provides information needed to assess the nature and magnitude of resistance in bacteria moving through the food supply and causing illnesses in humans. The NARMS interactive data dashboards found below allow the user to explore data in different ways.

  • NARMS Now: Integrated Data – Compare antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from animals, retail meats and humans.
  • NARMS Genomic Data – Compare antimicrobial resistance genes in Salmonella.
  • Animal Pathogen AMR Data collected by Vet-LIRN – Examine Salmonella resistance in isolates collected from cattle and swine, and E. coli and S. pseudintermedius resistance in isolates collected from dogs.
  • Resistome Tracker (Global Salmonella Resistome Data) – Examine the distribution of antimicrobial resistance genes in Salmonella genomes deposited in NCBI (updated weekly).

Archived Reports

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