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Stakeholder Engagement Staff Also referred to as: FDA Stakeholder Engagement


A community in which all people reach their full potential for health and well-being.


Proactively building strong external stakeholder relationships with Health Professional Organizations, Consumer Groups, Trade Associations, Patient Advocacy Organizations, Think Tanks and other stakeholders to better inform our policy making process.

The Stakeholder Engagement Staff resides within the Office of the Commissioner and falls under the Office of External Affairs. The Stakeholder Engagement Staff works closely with all FDA Centers, various Offices and other FDA stakeholder engagement staffs.


FDA Stakeholder Engagement Staff has the responsibility in “helping the public get accurate, science-based information they need to use medical products and foods to maintain and improve their health” by:

  • Ensuring the Commissioner, and their staff, are up to date on external stakeholder priorities and organizational interests related to FDA’s mission, policies and priorities.
  • Proactively engage external stakeholders to:
    • identify stakeholder needs.
    • incorporate stakeholder needs into meeting/workshop planning.
    • track engagement across Centers for improved relationships and collaboration.
    • carry out engagement plans to improve policy outcomes.
  • Providing internal coordination on FDA activities related to external stakeholders on high-priority topics such as imminent public health needs and other issues related to FDA’s priorities.
  • Providing leadership and coordination of activities between FDA and other Federal agencies and to ensure effective communication regarding issues related to FDA policy.
  • Serving as a focal point to coordinate public and private collaborations and partnerships to discuss regulatory topics of interest.
  • Manage speaker requests for issues that cut across FDA's organizational and product lines, as well as major meetings that involve various FDA Centers and offices.

The Stakeholder Engagement Staff also serve as subject matter experts for MedWatch: The FDA safety information and adverse event reporting program by:

  • Providing internal coordination and implementation on policies, programs, and initiatives related to MedWatch including the MedWatch web-pages, MedWatch Safety Alert Email-list and the MedWatch Twitter account.
  • Preparing, reviewing, updating, and disseminating medical product safety alerts, recalls, statements and periodic safety labeling change summaries to external stakeholders.




Meet the Stakeholder Engagement Staff

Dayle Cristinzio, Director SES


Dayle Lewis Cristinzio 
(T) 301-796-8898

CAPT Beth Fritsch- Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Beth Fritsch
Captain, U.S. Public Health Service 

L. Chenjo

Program Analyst

Lakeecha (Keecha) Chenjo


Health Programs Coordinator

Iris Valentin-Bon
Commander, U.S. Public Health Service


Senior Program Specialist

Ken Nolan


Health Programs Coordinator

Aya Shuman


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