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I Am ORA Profile: Nicola Areshenko

Nicola Areshenko, consumer safety officer, Office of Partnerships, Integration Group, Office of Partnerships, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Food and Drug Administration

Nicola Areshenko

In my position, I work with our state and internal FDA partners to strengthen our national Integrated Food Safety System. I am Nicola Areshenko, consumer safety officer in the Office of Partnerships, Integration Group. 

Fostering and maintaining relationships with our strategic partners and stakeholders leads to a bigger impact and faster resolution to issues that arise in the ever-changing world of food safety. My colleagues and I develop and identify metrics to assess successes or challenges toward progress of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

One of my favorite projects to date is the Mutual Reliance Pilots. Mutual Reliance is a seamless partnership that enables FDA and state partners to coordinate food safety inspection efforts, share data, and respond to outbreaks more efficiently. It’s fascinating to see FDA and state partners come together and find mutually beneficial solutions to problems. The camaraderie between our groups—people working together with enjoyment—is a source of gratitude in my work life.

Nicola Areshenko quote

The importance of good working relationships with our partners cannot be underestimated. It provides both FDA and state regulatory programs with more streamlined and effective solutions to protecting public health, directly impacting the lives of the American public.  

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, I value teamwork and recognize how diverse people with varying perspectives can work together to achieve a common goal. Relying on my team is critical to complete the mission and stay safe. Every day, I translate those experiences to my role and responsibilities at FDA. 

I am Nicola Areshenko, and #IAmORA.

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