Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts

The list below provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products. Not all recalls have press releases or are posted on this page. See Additional information about recalls for a more complete listing.

For recall notices older than 60 days, see the Recall and Safety Alerts Archive.
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Date Brand Name Product Description Reason/ Problem Company Recall Type
02/15/2018 Smokehouse   Dog treats   Potential Salmonella contamination Smokehouse Pet Products, Inc. 69, 104, 767, 183
02/15/2018 AVpak   Acyclovir Tablet, USP, 400mg, 50ct Unit Dose   Product mix-up Apace Packaging LLC 454, 208
02/13/2018 ZooLogics and more   ZooLogics Duck with Vegetable Meals for Dogs, ZooLogics Chicken with Vegetable Meals for Dogs and more   Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes Arrow Reliance Inc. dba Darwin’s Natural 454, 104, 183
02/09/2018 Weis   Store-made Penne Pasta with Asiago Sauce and Grilled Chicken single serving meal   Undeclared Milk Weis Markets 454, 69, 76
02/09/2018 Redbarn   Dog Chews   Potentially contaminated with Salmonella Redbarn Pet Products 454, 69, 183, 495
02/08/2018 Raws for Paws   Ground turkey pet food   potential to be contaminated with Salmonella Raws for Paws 454, 495, 183, 69
02/08/2018 Smokehouse   Dog treats   Potential Salmonella contamination Smokehouse Pet Products, Inc. 69, 495, 183
02/08/2018 Meijer   Greek and Low Fat Yogurts   potential risk of a small glass particles Meijer 454, 220, 69
02/06/2018 Weis   Dried beef party rye dip   Undeclared eggs and milk Weis Markets 454, 220, 69, 76
02/02/2018 Southern Grove   Unsalted Almonds   Undeclared Wheat and Soy Kanan Enterprises, Inc. 454, 69, 76
02/01/2018 Daisho   Kimchi Hot Pot Soup Base   Undeclared crustacean shellfish (shrimp, crab) JFC International Inc. 454, 69, 220, 76
01/29/2018 Gericare   Sterile Eye Irrigation Solution   Potential microbial contamination which compromises sterility Kareway Products Inc. 208
01/28/2018 Panera   Cream Cheese   Listeria monocytogenes Panera 454, 220, 69
01/26/2018 Limbrel   Limbrel, Limbrel 250, Limbrel 500   Due to potential serious side effects Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 454, 208
01/25/2018 Bulletproof   Collagen Protein Dietary Supplement   Undeclared milk Bulletproof 360, Inc. 454, 69, 76
01/24/2018 Multiple brands   Frozen green beans and mixed vegetables   Listeria monocytogenes National Frozen Foods Corporation 454, 69
01/22/2018 Sun Noodle   Tonkotsu Ramen   Undeclared Fish Sun Noodle 454, 69, 76, 220
01/22/2018 Several Brands   Cheeses, breads, and desserts   Undeclared Soy, Egg, Wheat, and Milk Productos Pacheco Inc. 454, 69, 76
01/21/2018 Zero For Him   Dietary Supplement   Salmonella Break Ventures / California Basics 454, 69
01/21/2018 Arthri-D   Dietary Supplement   Salmonella Arthri-D, LLC 454, 69
01/19/2018 Ottogi   Rice Cake Soup   Undeclared milk Ottogi America, Inc. 454, 69, 76
01/19/2018 Several Brands   Cheeses, breads, and desserts   Undeclared Soy, Egg, Wheat, and Milk Productos Pacheco Inc. 454, 69, 76
01/19/2018 Basic Drugs   Senna Laxative   Mislabeling Magno-Humphries Laboratories, Inc. 454, 208
01/19/2018 Several brands   Unapproved new drugs   Unapproved new drug Flawless Beauty, LLC 454, 512, 592
01/19/2018 JustFoodForDogs   Dog Food   Listeria monocytogenes JustFoodForDogs 454, 69, 183, 495
01/18/2018 Whole Foods Market   Cheesecake bars   Undeclared almonds Whole Foods Market 454, 69, 76, 220
01/17/2018 Palmer Bakery Delights   Sea Salt Caramel Hearts   Undeclared Peanuts Palmer Candy Company 454, 76, 220
01/16/2018 Nexterone   Nexterone 150mg/100ml injection   Presence of particulate matter Baxter International Inc. 454, 208
01/13/2018 Hiland Dairy, Tampico   Orange Juice, Citrus Punch   products may contain milk protein Hiland Dairy 454, 69, 76
01/12/2018 AuroMedics   Levofloxacin in 5% Dextrose Injection 250mg/50mL   Particulate Matter AuroMedics Pharma LLC 208
01/11/2018 Sundae Shoppe   Raspberry Cream Bars   Listeria monocytogenes Fieldbrook Foods Corporation 454, 69, 220
01/11/2018 Mary B’s®   Biscuits   Listeria monocytogenes Hom/Ade Foods, Inc 454, 69
01/11/2018 PharMEDium Services LLC   Various compounded drug products intended to be sterile   Lack of sterility assurance PharMEDium Services LLC 208
01/11/2018 Rico   Tofu Breakfast Burrito   undeclared Soy Rico Brand 454, 220, 69, 76
01/10/2018 International Laboratories, LLC   Clopidogrel Tablets USP, 75 mg   Due to mis-labeling International Laboratories, LLC 454, 208
01/09/2018 Various brands: Lucerne, Kroger, Sundae Shoppe.   Orange cream bars and chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars   Listeria monocytogenes Fieldbrook Foods Corporation 454, 69
01/09/2018 Clover Valley®   Iced Oatmeal Cookies   Undeclared milk and tree nuts Dollar General Corporation 454, 69, 76
01/09/2018 AuroMedics Pharma LLC   Ampicillin and Sulbactam for Injection USP   Presence of glass particles AuroMedics Pharma LLC 454, 208
01/08/2018 Essential Everyday®   Coat & Bake Original Chicken Coating   Undeclared milk Gilster – Mary Lee Corp. 454, 69, 76, 220
01/08/2018 Rely   Dried Longya Lily   Undeclared Sulfites Wells Collection Inc 454, 220, 69
01/05/2018 Top's, Purple Cow   Orange Cream Bars   Listeria monocytogenes Fieldbrook Foods Corporation 454, 69
01/05/2018 Chao Café   instant coffee   Undeclared milk Hong Lee Trading, Inc. 454, 69, 76
01/03/2018 Polly Ann   Ice Bars   Undeclared milk California Popsicle, Inc. 454, 220, 69, 76
01/03/2018 Coconut Tree   Shredded Coconut   Salmonella Evershing International Trading Company 454, 220, 69
01/03/2018 Condies Foods   Fruit cup   Undeclared milk and egg Condies Foods 454, 69, 76, 220
12/29/2017 New Seasons Market Grab and Go   Macaroni and Cheese   Undeclared egg New Seasons Market 454, 220, 69, 76
12/29/2017 Southern Home, Shur Fine, Valu Time, more   biscuits   Listeria monocytogenes T. Marzetti Company 454, 220, 69
12/28/2017 Daisy’s Bakery Inc.   Gourmet Concha   Undeclared Milk Daisy’s Bakery Inc. 454, 69, 76
12/27/2017 PharMEDium Services, LLC   Compounded injectables   Lack of Sterility Assurance PharMEDium Services, LLC 91, 208
12/22/2017 Fresh Pak, Michigan, and Aunt Mid’s   Packaged products containing apple slices   Listeria monocytogenes Fresh Pak Inc. 454, 69
12/22/2017 AuroMedics   Linezolid Injection   Particulate contamination (mold) AuroMedics Pharma 454, 208
12/22/2017 HT Traders   Mini Biscotti – Triple Chocolate   Undeclared Almonds and Hazelnuts Harris Teeter 454, 220, 69, 76
12/22/2017 Michelina’s   Fettuccine Alfredo   Undeclared soy Bellisio Foods, Inc., 454, 220, 69, 76
12/22/2017 Nodine's Smokehouse, Inc.   Smoked Salmon 1.5 lbs, 8 oz   Listeria monocytogenes Nodine's Smokehouse, Inc. 454, 220, 69
12/21/2017 Springfield Smoked Fish   Smoked fish products   Listeria monocytogenes Springfield Smoked Fish 454, 220, 69

The list above provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products.

  • FDA works with industry and our state partners to publish press releases and other public notices about recalls that may potentially present a significant or serious risk to the consumer or user of the product. Not all recalls have press releases or are posted on this page.
  • The posting of information on this page is separate from FDA's recall classification process. The weekly Enforcement Report lists all recalls after they have been classified by FDA.  For more information about FDA’s product recall authority, process and classification guidelines, see FDA 101: Product Recalls.

Press releases issued more than 60 days ago are accessible in the Recall and Safety Alerts Archive. For more safety information in a specific product area, please visit the links below.

  • Drugs: Additional safety information about human medical products can be found on FDA’s MedWatch page.
  • Animal Health: Additional safety information about products affecting animal health can be found on FDA’s Animal & Veterinary Recalls & Withdrawals page.
  • Biologics: A more complete listing of Biologic Recalls and Market Withdrawal information about can be found on FDA's Biologics Recalls page.
  • Medical Devices: A more complete listing of Medical Device Recalls can be found on FDA’s Medical Device Recalls page.
  • Cosmetics: Additional safety information about cosmetic products can be found at FDA's Cosmetics Recalls and Alert page.

Recalls of raw (fresh and fresh frozen) oysters, clams, mussels, and whole and roe-on scallops See Disclaimer page regarding links to external sites
The safety of these products is ensured by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC), which consists of federal, state, and industry partners who administer the National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NSSP).

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