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How to Navigate around ComplianceWire

ComplianceWire is the learning management system site that hosts OTED online courses.

After successfully logging into ComplianceWire, the first screen that appears is the “Knowledge Center” Tab. On the left navigation of your screen, your menu choices are “To-Do List", “History,” “Catalog,” and "Reports."

  • To-Do List
    Logging on to ComplianceWire automatically takes you to your personal my "To-Do List" on the Knowledge Center tab. When your ComplianceWire training administrator assigns a training item to you, it will appear on this list. The column on the right of the screen lists due dates for assigned training items. Some training items may be optional and will not have due dates. To see a description of the assignment, click the “i” icon to the right of the title. Clicking on the column headers within this screen will re-sort the information in ascending or descending order, per the column headers.
    • Populate a To-Do List

      “To-Do List" appears as a reminder that you have assignments or courses to complete. You can launch courses from the “To-Do List" by clicking on the title.

      There are two ways to add courses to your “To-Do List". (Have a copy of your curriculum handy).

      • Select “Catalog” and launch a course from the course list provided by clicking on the title. Once the course launches and you exit from the course before completing it, the title of the course will appear on your ““To-Do List."
      • You can also search under the "Catalog." You will then be provided with query fields to narrow your search of courses. When the course launches and you exit from the course before completing it, the title of the course will appear on your “To-Do List."
  • History
    The History area provides a report of your entire transcript. From History, you can review the content of courses you’ve completed or print certificates for applicable training items. The system also allows you to download this report immediately, by clicking on the “Download” button. Subsequent screens will guide you through downloading the report. You can then open and edit the report in a software application such as Microsoft Excel or Access.
  • Catalog
    Knowledge Finder allows users to search for all relevant material in the ComplianceWire Catalog on a given subject or key word. This feature allows users to quickly access relevant information contained within the code, title, or description of the training item in the ComplianceWire Catalog.

    Users can further narrow their search in the Preferences link by selecting filters of Training Type, Category, and Curriculum to target the results. The search results will display along with the number of items in each group. Additionally, Kaplan EduNeering can work with clients to create custom search filters to meet individual organizational needs. Both standard and custom filters can be enabled by your company.

  • Reports
    Along with being able to see your completion status of any assigned curricula, you can also view Suggested Group Qualifications.

New participants can become acquainted with features of the ComplianceWire learning environment by taking the introductory course Welcome to ComplianceWire.

  • In the Catalog Keyword Search box, enter "CWIRE-SYS01" and click search.
  • You will see a course entitled "Welcome to ComplianceWire". Click on the title to launch the course.

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