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FDA/EduNeering Partnership

Through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), FDA has partnered with Kaplan EduNeering, Inc., of Princeton, New Jersey, to build and manage the Web portion of OTED. The objective of the CRADA is to favorably impact public health by increasing the skill level and productivity of regulatory personnel, and by improving compliance with government regulations in FDA-regulated industries.

This unique partnership allows FDA to take advantage of e-learning capabilities and provide online training to FDA, state, local and tribal regulators free of charge. All other users can access the training for a fee by contacting Kaplan EduNeering directly. The training is available at Kaplan EduNeering's ComplianceWire website.

CRADA Disclaimer

Only those courses on the ComplianceWire/OTED web site with a category other than General were developed directly with FDA. The intended audiences of these courses are FDA and/or state, local and tribal regulatory partners.

All courses listed with a category of "General" are Kaplan EduNeering courses provided for FDA use under the terms of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between FDA and Kaplan EduNeering. These courses were developed by Kaplan EduNeering to train personnel in regulated industries. Language used in these courses reflects the target audience -- regulated industry.

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