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Methods for Preparing Complex Multivalent Immunogenic Conjugates

Claimed in this application are novel methods for preparing complex multivalent immunogenic conjugates and conjugate vaccines. The multivalent conjugates and conjugate vaccines are synthesized by conjugating mixtures of more than one polysaccharide at a desired ratio of the component polysaccharides to at least one carrier protein using hydrazide chemistry. Because of the high efficiency of hydrazide chemistry in conjugation, the polysaccharides are effectively conjugated to the carrier protein(s) so that the resulting complex synthesized vaccine conjugate products, without requiring tedious and complicated purification procedures such as chromatography and/or ammonium sulfate precipitation, are efficacious in inducing antibodies in mice against each component polysaccharide. The methods claimed in this application simplify the preparation of multivalent conjugate vaccines by utilizing simultaneous conjugation reactions in a single reaction mixture or batch that includes at least two immunogenic-distinct polysaccharides. This single-batch simultaneous reaction eliminates the need for multiple parallel synthesis processes for each polysaccharide vaccine conjugate component as employed in conventional methods for making multivalent conjugate vaccines.

Potential Commercial Applications:

Cost effective and efficient manufacturing of conjugate vaccines.

Competitive Advantages:



Che-Hung Robert Lee

Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: No. 8,173,135 issued 2012-05-08
PCT Application No. PCT/US2007/006627
US Pat: No. 8,557,250 issued 2013-10-15
US Application No. 13/960,691
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OTT Reference No: E-2005-015
Updated: August 9, 2015

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