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Licensing and Collaboration Opportunities

FDA research scientists at work

FDA seeks commercial partners interested in developing and marketing technologies that FDA scientists have created.  Collaborative research and development work with commercial entities generally occurs under Cooperative Research and Development agreements.

FDA’s ability and willingness to also license discoveries to partners interested in directly commercializing the technologies has produced major public health benefits. Patent protection has been sought for some of the technologies.

FDA generally seeks to patent and license technology when we anticipate the technology's commercial development. Generally, FDA and other public health service agencies will not seek patent protection for research tools, such as transgenic mice, receptors, or cell lines.  Nevertheless, such materials can be licensed without patent protection, under royalty-bearing Biological Materials Licenses.

Visit FDA Technologies Available for Licensing and Collaboration and our listing of Recently Issued U.S. Patents to FDA. 

For more information please contact Alice Welch, Director of FDA’s Technology Transfer Program.


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