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Gonoccoccal Vaccine/Therapy from Neisseria meningitidis

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Technology Summary

Neisseria is a genus of gram-negative bacteria that colonize the mucosal surfaces of many animals and can be caused by meningococcal serogroup B (MenB) strains, which in the United States account for one-third of all invasive N. meningitidis infections and 60% of those in infants. N meningitidis remains a significant cause of global morbidity and mortality, despite the availability of serogroup A-, C-, W-, and Y-specific capsular polysaccharide (Ps) vaccines.

This invention is an immunogenic composition comprising the outer membrane vesicles (OMV) from ΔPorAΔPorBΔRmpM N. meningitidis. The bacteria’s adaptation to the removal of these proteins results in the expression of outer membrane protein (OMP) profiles that are more antigenic and more immunogenic. Antibodies from rabbits immunized with ΔPorAΔPorBΔRmpM exhibited the bactericidal capacity to kill wild type meningococcal strains MC58, Cu395, BB1350, Ch501, BB1473. OMV vaccines from these deletion mutants also induce a cross-protective immune response against N. gonorrhoeae.

Potential Commercial Applications Competitive Advantages
  • A therapy against N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae 
  • A protective vaccine against N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae
  • Cross protective antibody responses between N. meningitidis and N. gonorrhoeae
  • Cost effective alternative to BEXSERO

Inventors: Margaret Bash, Kathryn Mathias

Publication pending

Intellectual Property:
Patent Cooperation Treaty: PCT/US2018/043054, filed 07.20.2018

Product Area:  vaccine candidate; infectious disease therapy

FDA Reference No: E-2017-006

Licensing Contact:
Bill Ronnenberg, M.S., J.D./M.I.P.
FDA Technology Transfer Program
Email: FDAInventionlicensing@fda.hhs.gov 
Phone: 240-402-4561

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