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Drug-Induced Renal Injury List (DIRIL) Dataset

A large database of single-molecule, oral administered drugs for human use annotated for DIRI and nephrotoxicity.

About DIRIL Dataset

The DIRIL dataset is comprised of 317 single-molecule, oral administered drugs for human use, annotated for drug-induced renal injury (DIRI) and nephrotoxicity and confirmed using FDA drug labeling. DIRIL was assembled from literature data with specific criteria—it had to be highly curated with a large number of drugs, using comparable methods to annotate DIRI with a binary classification system. Of the 317 drugs in DIRIL, some were present in both existing datasets with consistent DIRI annotation. For these drugs, their DIRI calls from the original authors were kept in DIRIL. For those drugs that had conflicting DIRI calls between Gong and Shi datasets, their DIRI annotation was determined by FDA labeling data retrieved from FDALabel through manual readings.

  • 171 DIRI-Positive
  • 146 DIRI-Negative


Generation of a Drug-Induced Renal Injury List to Facilitate the Development of New Approach Methodologies for Nephrotoxicity
Connor S., Li T., Qu Y., Roberts R.A., and Tong W.
Drug Discovery Today. 2024, 29(4). doi:10.1016/j.drudis.2024.103938.

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