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Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity Rank (DICTrank) Dataset

The largest reference list of human drugs ranked by risk of drug-induced cardiotoxicity using FDA labeling

About DICTrank Dataset

The DICTrank dataset contains the largest number of drugs ranked by their risk of drug-induced cardiotoxicity (DICT) using FDA-approved drug labeling documents. The 1,318 drugs (1,291 FDA-approved drugs plus 27 withdrawn drugs) were categorized into four groups using a drug classification scheme developed to rank the drugs based on their potential to cause DICT.

  • 341 Most-DICT-concern — contained drugs withdrawn from the market due to severe DICT, drugs with DICT information in the boxed warning (BW) section, and drugs with severe-to-moderate DICT in the warnings and precautions (WP) section.
  • 528 Less-DICT-concern — contained WP section drugs with mild DICT severity, drugs in the adverse reaction (AR) section, and drugs in the Overdosage section.
  • 106 Ambiguous-DICT-concern — contained drugs with special conditions; was defined for some special conditions with insufficient information in the labeling document for DICT risk assessment
  • 343 No-DICT-concern — contained drugs with no DICT information present for any adverse drug reaction-related labeling sections.


DICTrank: The Largest Reference List of 1318 Human Drugs Ranked by Risk of Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity Using FDA Labeling.
Qu Y, Li T, Liu Z, Li D, and Tong W.
Drug Discovery Today. 2023, 28(11), doi:10.1016/j.drudis.2023.103770.

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