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FY2016 Regulatory Science Report: Locally-Acting Gastrointestinal Drugs

This section contains only new information from FY2016. For background scientific information and outcomes from previous years on this research topic, please refer to the FY15 Regulatory Science Research Report on Locally-Acting Gastrointestinal Drugs.

ORS staff facilitating research in this area

  • Xinyuan Zhang, Hong Wen, Dajun Sun, Jianghong Fan, and other ORS staff members

Projects and Collaborators

  • Correlation of mesalamine pharmacokinetics with local availability
    • Site PI: Duxin Sun, Ph. D.
    • Contract #: HHSF223201300460A

Publications and Presentations

  • Yu A, Baker JR, Fioritto AF, Wang Y, Luo R, Li S, Wen B, Bly M, Tsume Y, Koenigsknecht MJ, Zhang X, Lionberger R, Amidon GL, Hasler WL, Sun D.
    Measurement of in vivo Gastrointestinal Release and Dissolution of Three Locally Acting Mesalamine Formulations in Regions of the Human Gastrointestinal Tract. Mol Pharm. 2017 Feb 6;14(2):345-358