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Food Establishment Plan Review Guide


This food establishment Plan Review document has been developed for the purpose of assisting both regulatory and industry personnel in achieving greater uniformity in the plan review process.

Plan review of food service establishments, retail food stores, and all other food operations, must be maintained as a high priority by all regulatory food agencies for both new and existing facilities.

This document has been developed to serve as a guide in facilitating greater uniformity and ease in conducting plan review whether your position is a regulator or an industry person wishing to build or to expand. You need not be an expert to effectively complete this process.

A good review of plans helps to avoid future problems. By listing and locating equipment on floor plans and diagramming specifications for electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, potential problems can be spotted while still on paper and modifications made BEFORE costly purchases, installation and construction.

Full Document (PDF: 1.2 MB)


The following individuals and/or organizations are to be recognized for their invaluable contributions to the development of this Plan Review Guide:


  • John P. Schrade, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Northeast Region, Director of State Programs.
  • Karen Coscarelli-Allmond, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Division of Human Resource Development.


  • Frederick (Rick) Petersen, Stamford, Connecticut Department of Health.
  • Northeast Region Plan Review Development Committee.
  • South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control.
  • Todd Stephens, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control.
  • Roger Fortman, North Carolina Dept of Health, Food, Lodging and Institutional Sanitation Branch.


  • Conference for Food Protection Plan Review Committee.
  • D.L. Lancaster, Consultant, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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