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BAM Chapter 23: Methods for Cosmetics

Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) Main Page


Authors: Jo Huang, Anthony D. Hitchins (retired), Tony T. Tran (retired), and James E. McCarron (retired)

For additional information, contact Jo Huang  or Irene Tchagou.


Current Edition

Previous Editions

Revision History 

  • April 2024: Sections A, F and G updated to include protocol to analyze wet wipes including stomaching and vortexing options.
  • December 2021: Revision to Section J.
  • July 2021: Revision removes Figure 1, archives biochemical tests to confirm Pseudomonas aeruginosa, add new contact for fungal isolates, and indexing and minor wording edits for clarity.
  • The original version of this Chapter is available as an archived method.
  • July 2017: Revision to Section H-1 and H-2. 
  • January 2017: Section H-1 and H-2. Additional 1 ml of 10-1 dilution is analyzed.
  • May 2016: Section H-1. Changed dilution range from 10-1 - 10-6 to 10-1 - 10-3.
  • May 2016: Section H-4. Deleted the entire section: Screening test for total numbers of microorganisms.
  • May 2016: Section: Identification of Microbes updated: A.1. Gram-positive rods. Identify Bacillus-like rods if isolated from aerobic plates.
  • August 2001: Section: Identification of Microbes. Revised Part D and added reference 2b.
  • August 2001: M79 formulation corrected.
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