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Social Media Toolkit For Food Loss and Waste

Please use the resources on this page to help spread the word to your followers and subscribers about the federal joint agency initiative to reduce food waste. This social media toolkit includes sample social media posts for X, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest along with links to videos, images, infographics, and downloadable factsheets.

We can all play a part in reaching our national food waste reduction goal – to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030.

Facebook and X Posts With Links To YouTube Videos

Take action to reduce food waste! Watch this video for great tips about how you can reduce #foodwaste, save money, and help protect the environment. https://youtu.be/JgKdI0FF1XE

Do you throw out food that is past the date printed on the label? If so, you might be wasting food. Watch this video to learn about date labels on food packages and the FoodKeeper app to reduce #foodwaste: https://youtu.be/T5jgZ4fJJsw #NoWastedFood

Do you avoid "ugly" fruits or veggies at the grocery store? These are the ones that have physical imperfections, but aren't damaged. Sadly, this produce often gets left behind by shoppers and gets tossed out by stores, which wastes food that's safe to eat https://youtu.be/DWW45MTKKqc

#DYK 30-40% of the U.S. food supply is wasted? It goes uneaten. Are you wasting food? Check out this video on #foodwaste facts: https://youtu.be/Vra2qxbCa5k #NoWastedFood

Facebook and X Posts With Images

Note: To use the images shown below, copy and paste or right-click on the image and save to your computer or phone.

Women looks at pot of leftover food removed from her refrigerator

Food safety is a concern, but food waste is an important issue to consider as well. Learn how to cut #foodwaste while maintaining #foodsafety. https://go.usa.gov/xe4WP #NoWastedFood

Person puts leftover food in storage container into freezer

Use your freezer! Freezing is a great way to store most foods to maintain their quality until you are ready to eat them. Discover other ways to reduce #foodwaste at https://go.usa.gov/xe4WP #NoWastedFood

Person uses grocery shopping list on mobile phone while standing in front of refrigerator

18 tips to reduce #foodwaste at the grocery store, when eating out, and in the kitchen: https://go.usa.gov/xe4W5 #NoWastedFood

Leftover food in plastic storage containers with labels

Create a designated space in your fridge for foods that you think may spoil within a few days. Keep track of what needs to be used. Eat or freeze items before it's too late. Find other #foodwaste tips at https://go.usa.gov/xe4W5

Ugly bell pepper

Imperfect fruits and vegetables may have a slightly odd shape, blemishes or discoloration, but they're safe to eat and taste the same. Use them in smoothies, stir fry dishes & soups. No one will notice the difference! https://go.usa.gov/xe4W5 #NoWastedFood

Woman looks at date label on food package removed from refrigerator

Many consumers misunderstand the purpose and meaning of date labels on packaged foods. Confusion over date labels accounts for an estimated 20% of #foodwaste. Learn about date labels and how to know if food is still good to eat. https://go.usa.gov/xe4Wx

Date label on food package

Check the food in your refrigerator and pantry. You'll see different phrases used for product dating on the package, such as Sell By, Best By, Expires, etc. Does it mean it's unsafe after that date or just the date it'll be at its best flavor or quality? https://go.usa.gov/xe4Wx

Garbage truck dumps food and trash at landfill dump

@FDAfood, @USDA, and @EPA have joined forces to promote the "Winning on Reducing Food Waste Initiative." See the full strategy as well as the United States Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions at https://go.usa.gov/xe4Df #foodwaste #NoWastedFood

Instagram Images

Person looking at Foodkeeper app on mobile phone in front of open refrigerator


Best if used by date label on food package


Woman puts leftover restaurant food into take out box
Mother and daughter look at shopping list while shopping in grocery store

Infographics for Pinterest

Downloadable Factsheets

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