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Baby Powder Manufacturer Voluntarily Recalls Product for Asbestos

Constituent Update

October 18, 2019

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting consumers about Johnson’s Baby Powder Lot #22318RB. A sample from this lot was found to contain chrysotile fibers, a type of asbestos. On October 18, 2019, Johnson & Johnson voluntarily recalled this product, and consumers who have this lot of baby powder should stop using it.

The results from the Johnson & Johnson sample are part of our ongoing survey of cosmetic products for asbestos. This survey started in 2018 and involves the testing of about 50 cosmetic products. As part of the same survey of cosmetic products, a Johnson’s Baby Powder sample from a different lot tested negative for asbestos. That sample came from Lot #00918RA.

The FDA expects to issue the full results of its current set of cosmetics testing by the end of the year. These results will include results from cosmetic products that have tested negative, as well as positive. The FDA has been releasing positive results on an ongoing basis to alert consumers to stop using those products. The FDA has also been informing individual manufacturers about their tested products that were found to be negative for asbestos as data are finalized.

The FDA updated a safety alert first issued in March about certain cosmetics that contain asbestos. Previously, the FDA warned consumers not to use certain products from Claire’s and Beauty Plus Global because they tested positive for asbestos. Both companies have recalled those products.

The FDA will continue to update its safety alert with new information as it becomes available. Consumers may subscribe to receive updates at the bottom of the Cosmetics Recalls and Alerts page.

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