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Intramural Research – Women’s Health

From the FDA Office of Women's Health

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FDA funds intramural research projects through competitive grants and special funding initiatives. OWH has funded more than 300 research projects since it was established in 1994. These programs support cross-cutting research across diverse disease areas and scientific fields. OWH welcomes intramural research proposals from all FDA scientists with an interest in promoting and protecting women’s health, identifying sex and gender differences related to FDA-regulated products.

Competitive grants

FDA scientists respond to an annual call for proposals from OWH and compete for grant funding through a rigorous peer-review process. 

Special funding initiatives

Funding under this mechanism may be awarded to FDA scientists, after a rigorous peer-review process, in response to emerging and pressing women’s health priorities.  Applications for the special funding program are accepted on a rolling basis. 

OWH Research Fellowship Program 

The OWH Research Fellowship Program is designed to promote innovative research and collaboration between Center investigators and OWH within FDA’s intramural research environment to facilitate the progress of women’s health studies.

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FDA scientists interested in additional information about how to apply for these programs may search for “OWH Research Grants Programs” on InsideFDA for more information.

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