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FDA Publishes Assessment of Compliance with Veterinary Feed Directive Final Rule

August 29, 2019

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine published a summary assessment for Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) compliance activities conducted during fiscal years 2016-2018.

This VFD Compliance Assessment summarizes inspection activities carried out by FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs and participating state feed regulatory programs.  It indicates that affected parties (e.g., producers, veterinarians, feed mills, and retail establishments) are generally in compliance with the VFD final rule, which provides the pathway for veterinarians to authorize the use of VFD drugs in food-producing animals. 

For a more detailed analysis of VFD compliance, see Summary Assessment of Veterinary Feed Directive Compliance Activities Conducted in Fiscal Years 2016-2018

While the number of inspections conducted was limited, their findings have been valuable in that they have allowed FDA to respond to stakeholder questions about implementation of the VFD final rule that went into effect in October 2015, gain a better understanding of industry practices related to the VFD final rule, and shape a broader inspection strategy to ensure ongoing compliance with the VFD regulation.

FDA experts also have engaged in widespread education and outreach to help veterinarians, producers, and feed mills comply with the VFD final rule. FDA believes that affected parties have demonstrated a general understanding of the VFD final rule requirements, but plans to increase the number of inspections in the coming years as resources allow to ensure compliance.  

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