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Office of Facilities, Engineering and Mission Support


The mission of the Office of Facilities Engineering and Mission Support Services is to create a high quality work environment by providing vital facilities and mission support services to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders nationwide.


The Office of Facilities Engineering and Mission Support Services (OFEMS) is a customer service organization enabling the FDA mission by creating and maintaining world-class facilities, providing support services to enhance synergy, productivity and quality of work life.

OFEMS creates a high quality work environment by providing vital facilities and mission support services to meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders nationwide.

Major Functions and Descriptions

Real Property Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management – develops, manages, and directs the short-, mid- and long-term real property strategy for the agency. Oversees and processes space requests and renovations for the agency and makes suitable recommendations for short-, mid- and long-term housing plans to meet program needs. Manages the agency’s real property asset inventory and responds to all related data calls from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Formulates, prioritizes, and executes the agency’s annual building and facilities program, GSA rent, rent and rent-related, and the White Oak budgets.

Engineering and Space Management – provides engineering services for agency construction, repair, and improvement projects, as well as laboratory modernization projects. Manages the allocation of agency space, including space planning and design associated with build out of new office space and office alterations projects.

Facilities Maintenance and Operations and Logistics Management –Serves as facility manager for FDA owned properties and as a liaison with GSA for leased properties occupied by FDA. Develops and implements improvements to property management processes and provides the monitoring of end-to-end property management. Manages logistics, transportation, parking, food service, and conference support on the White Oak Campus. Also manages labor and move services at headquarters and the agency-wide personal property, fleet and mail programs.

Employee Safety and Occupational Health - provides the FDA with an enterprise-wide occupational safety and health program including coordinating the delivery of occupationally related medical services to FDA employees; developing safer working environments; preparing OC operations for emergencies through the implementation of various plans, standards, and trainings; coordinating an ergonomic assessment program; managing an agency-side automated external defibrillator program, and collaborating with other offices to provide a comprehensive agency level safety, health and environmental program that collectively collaborates with FDA Center/Office safety programs in the delivery of a safe and healthy workplace.

Other Operations – Director serves as FDA’s Chief Sustainability Officer and along with a Sustainability Specialist, manages FDA’s Sustainability Program through the coordination of responses to HHS data calls, development and implementation of sustainable initiatives and organization of employee outreach programs. Manages facility-related community relation activities that directly impact the White Oak Campus and FDA’s mission.

Contact information

For more information contact Ann.Wenzel@fda.hhs.gov.

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