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  1. Office of Finance, Budget, Acquisitions, and Planning - Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Risk Management

Timothy Kiang, Director

Our Planning Staff has three main goals: 1) identifies emerging issues with the greatest potential impact on FDA and establishes forums for dialogue among FDA leaders that produce knowledge, shape new strategies and establish priorities; 2) leads and constantly improves our Agency's performance measurement system that produces measurable goals and outcomes consistent with FDA's priorities; and 3) ensures that FDA's strategic planning and future direction are understood by internal and external stakeholders.

Our planning activities apply mathematical disciplines and management engineering techniques, such as the use of time series analysis, mathematical modeling, statistical and data analyses, and other quantitative techniques in serving the following purposes:

  • Coordinates the agency long-range strategic and performance planning in line with the HHS strategic plan.
  • Coordinates the development and improvement of program performance measures, data and goals on continuous basis to ensure alignment to the agency's missions and objectives.
  • Assists and consults with agency components in their performance planning for data, trends, targets and achievements.
  • Maintains, analyzes and reports agency-wide program performance information.
  • Coordinates and reports the agency's performance planning and achievements in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act.
  • Assists agency components in analyzing and improving their planning processes, performance objectives and goals, as requested.
  • Works with agency components as requested to identify and implement internal and external best practices to improve overall performance.
  • Conducts special operational analysis and planning-related studies as requested.

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