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Office of Finance, Budget, Acquisitions, and Planning


OFBA leads financial management, budget, and acquisitions functions while ensuring the financial integrity of FDA's resources in support of FDA's mission.


OFBA’s vision is to be FDA's authoritative source for financial management, budget, and acquisitions requirements building a trusted business partnership in support of FDA's mission. OFBA will strive to reach its vision by continuously growing its teams' expertise, expanding customer outreach, and developing partnerships across the Agency.

Major Functions and Descriptions

Acquisition and Grant Services – procures goods and services used directly by FDA. Provides grants to assist other health-related and research organizations that contribute to FDA's mission. Ensures vendors receive a fair opportunity to do business with FDA and that the government and taxpayers receive the best value for their money.

Budget oversees the day-to-day operational activities, interactions, and execution of program initiatives across all FDA centers, field offices and regions, and the Office of the Commissioner. Provides executive direction, leadership, coordination, and guidance for the operations of FDA, including the preparation, presentation, and negotiation of the FDA budget justification through robust communication with the Department and the Office of Management and Budget.

Financial Management – coordinates a comprehensive financial management operations program for FDA encompassing the areas of automated financial systems, fiscal accounting, internal financial auditing, financial services related to vendor payments, travel support, user fees, and financial reporting.


Learn more about our Chief Financial Officer, Jay Tyler

Learn more about our Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Sahra Torres-Rivera

Contact information

For more information, contact OFBABusinessManagementServices@fda.hhs.gov

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