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  1. Jobs at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

Data Scientist Careers at CDER

Work for the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

What do Data Scientists do at CDER?

The duties of a Data Scientist at CDER differ by office. Opportunities may include:

  • Serving as a technical authority for large-scale data modeling on IT projects, including industry and agency standards, best practices, project planning, interoperability, technology trends, and adherence to federally-mandated data management policies.
  • Independently applying knowledge of statistical modeling, machine learning, computer science, and data mining to gather, analyze, model, and interpret quantitative and qualitative information, anomalies, patterns, and correlations among data sets. Developing approaches for the validation, integration, reconciliation, and standardization of data.
  • Providing authoritative guidance related to application of data science to analyze drug safety data, assess potential safety signals, conduct safety surveillance, and evaluate market distribution data to inform regulatory decision-making.
  • Overseeing identification of the methods, processes, algorithms, tools, or systems to extract and interpret findings from varied structured and unstructured data sets related to the data science lifecycle.
  • Serving as an expert in the development of visualization tools and dashboard development and deployment.
  • Analyzing data requirements and designing/reviewing data models, business intelligence and analytics models, and data interfaces. Assisting with extracting, transforming, and loading data into databases utilizing modeling software to develop logical/physical data models and perform metadata management.
  • Collaborating with technical and subject matter experts to identify challenges in regulatory operations and review processes. Includes development of guidance for industry and external communications to public stakeholders.
  • Preparing and delivering written evaluations and oral presentations such as briefings, trainings, and consultations. Communicating scientific results and interpretations to a diverse audience, including senior FDA scientists, collaborators, and internal stakeholders.

Related positions include:

How can I find a Data Scientist position at CDER?

Available CDER positions are listed on USAJOBS and under the FDA 21st Century Cures Act Hiring Authority.

1. Search USAJOBS by Keyword: CDER. You can filter your search by:


  • Food and Drug Administration


  • 0301 - Miscellaneous Administration and Program
  • 1560 - Data Science

2. Visit We Are Hiring | FDA to find a current listing of opportunities utilizing the FDA 21st Century Cures Act Hiring Authority.

Where can I learn more about careers at the FDA?

For general information on working at the FDA and additional employment opportunities, visit: Jobs and Training at FDA.


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