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Guest Internet Access

FDA provides FDA visitors/guests, employees, and contractors wireless access to the Internet for legitimate business requirements. Agency visitors often require the use of the Internet to make presentations, conduct demonstrations, or retrieve documents from their corporate offices. FDA provides this access as a service to our customers.

The Guest Internet Access will only be accessible through the Wireless LAN (WLAN) and will be available at most FDA locations within the United States of America and its territories, where the WLAN is currently operational. Guest Access to the Internet will be monitored by the FDA Information Security staff for proper use and to ensure that FDA resources, information or scientific networks are protected. This Guest Wireless Network (FDA-GUEST) is also logically separated from the FDA Regulatory Network. Guests will have no access to any FDA resources found on the FDA Regulatory Network.

If Guest Internet Access is disrupted, its restoration will have lower priority than other mission related network services.
You may contact the FDA ERIC heldpdesk at 301-827-ERIC (3742) and/or TTY 301-480-0434, or email at ITCallCenter@fda.hhs.gov.

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