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  1. FDA-TRACK: Agency-wide Program Performance

FDA-TRACK: Office of the Executive Secretariat

FDA's Office of the Executive Secretariat (OES or “Exec Sec”) integrates critical Agency administrative and communication functions to ensure high-quality information is shared within the Agency and with the Department of Health and Human Services, the White House, other government organizations, and the public.

Each FDA-TRACK program area collects, analyzes, and reports its performance measures and results. Explore the progress OES is making towards it's strategic priorities below:


I. External Correspondence Measures - Workload Measures

A. Respond to written correspondence received for the Commissioner from the general public. This includes unsolicited letters and emails, mostly for the Commissioner.

  1. Total correspondence received by OES during the month which require FDA response

Measures are under development and will be available once finalized.


I. Agency-Level FOIA Measures

A. Track progress toward performance

  1. Number of FOIA requests received in the month4

(1) Please note that the Division of Freedom of Information (DFOI) was reorganized under OES as of July 2012. DFOI activities have since been aligned to the OES Strategic Plan.

Note: The data provided on this website is produced on an ongoing basis for performance management purposes and is subject to change due to updates of preliminary estimates, corrections, or other reasons.

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